Show Off Your Desktop

Lexie had me tag myself for showing off her simple, albeit funny, desktop. I really want to do the meme, though I had a little difficulty picking which one out of four systems (or maybe every one) I use I should show, and from which systems I’d pick five of my favorite applications. I eventually decided to go exclusively for the best one (system).

The meme goes like this: Post a screen shot of your desktop, and list five of your favorite applications.

And, so, here’s my desktop:

My Ubuntu Desktop

The top five applications I currently can’t live without include:

  1. Mozilla Firefox: the best and most extensible Web browser there is. It even runs fast on Linux. Though Linux has inherent security features, the security Firefox gave me when I was still on Windows gave me more peace of mind while browsing the Web.

    Addons: ColorZilla, Download Statusbar, Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer, FxIF, Organize Status Bar, Screen grab!, SearchStatus, ShowIP, Web Developer

  2. GNOME Terminal: a command line interface for Ubuntu, which I use for almost anything not readily available on a GUI.

    Separate apps I run on terminal: SVN, GNU nano

  3. Rhythmbox: Ubuntu’s default music player. This app isn’t really full-featured, IMO. It lacks an equalizer and configurable global hotkeys,[1] among others. But, its readily available plugins that include a very good iPod support, and scrobbling makes up for everything. Notably, iPods’ music content could be read and played without syncing.[2] And, it has LIRC support I am hoping to try someday.

    Plugins:, iPod, Cover art

  4. Gaim (now Pidgin): a multi-protocol instant messenger. I usually like official IM clients more, but since I use the Yahoo! Messenger service the most often, and the official YM client for UN*X systems became abandonware,[3] and I use Google Talk as well, I opted for the default IM client on Ubuntu. Besides, Psychic Mode is bloody cool.

    Plugins: Buddy State Notification, Message Notification, Message Timestamp Formats, Psychic Mode

  5. µTorrent (with WebUI beta): OK, I cheated as this application runs on my Windows desktop. But, thanks to µTorrent’s very innovative WebUI, I could control it from my Ubuntu notebook as well. I could have used Wine (hat tip to my classmate Luis), but my high-capacity disk is on my desktop anyway.

Now, there’s some link love you don’t see here everyday. I tag everyone reading this who has a knack for showing off something. 😛


  1. ^ for non-multimedia keyboards; Good thing I have multimedia playback keys on my notebook.
  2. ^ I sync with the official iTunes client on my Windows with the big hard drive, and I haven’t tried syncing on Ubuntu yet—or tried checking if it is at least possible.
  3. ^ Latest release for UN*X systems is version 1.0.4 dated September 2003, while the latest Windows release is version dated 29 August 2007.

Tagged—I’m It!

My mind is filled with everything I am concerned with right now the only thing left to happen is for it to explode. But, at the same time I could not tell which to write—from my point of view on the future of HTML to my own personal life to the things happening at school. Then, I was tagged by Shari. Since I haven’t got anything concrete to blog, might as well go on with the meme. Now, here are:

Ten weird facts about myself.

  1. I could spend over half a day everyday [literally] reading encyclopedias and fact books or articles.
  2. I love solving logic books, puzzles and games.
  3. I could only sing well—I think—inside a Church with a lot of other people, or in my room alone.
  4. I am not used to wearing anything other than my clothes and a little hair conditioner. (i.e., perfume, facial powder, moisturizer, etc.)
  5. I never liked WYSIWYG editors.
  6. I thought being exposed to bright light could really make anyone sneeze[1] until I’ve read about this condition.
  7. I sometimes practice writing with my left hand.[2] I could, however, do many things at ease using either hand. (i.e., texting, typing, eating, shooting basketballs)
  8. I am a neat freak only outside my own bedroom.
  9. I enjoy being involved in a lot of organizations, but I hate too much red tape.[3]
  10. *place one more weird fact here*[4] 😛

I really hope I get out of this blogger’s block soon. *tee-hee*

Hmm … Who would I tag next? I really do not know who reads my entries. Lurkers de-lurk! Alright—Arvin, Andy and Erna—Tag! You’re it!or them?

Oh, this entry could really add to my trivia page—not that it really concerns you. 😀


  1. ^ I do sneeze whenever I am exposed to bright light; I thought it was normal
  2. ^ for my mother told me I could when I was little
  3. ^ especially those where my superiors are the ones who cannot agree with each other
  4. ^ maybe it’s time you tell me one weird fact you know about me. 😉