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Not Worth the Ticket

OK, OK. The fight was worth the 700-peso live moviecast ticket for them Filipino boxing fans because Manny Pacquiao won his third match against Erik Morales. But even with all the hype I encounter from them, I was a little disappointed I haven’t had to watch a longer fight. Good thing I wasn’t at all interested in watching live inside a movie house. I’d rather spend money for food and gadgetry, or a real film that costs just above a hundred pesos, than for a 10-minute movie costing almost a thousand. The trip to the movie house would even be much longer even when there’s not another car within the next kilometer!

I am not blaming Morales for the loss. He did give Pacquiao some good punches. I just don’t like people making it such a big thing bragging all day flooding my mobile with SMS. I don’t need to hear it from you, I’ve watched the match live from cable television myself.

OK, Pacquiao is a good boxer. And because of this, he became a good endorser. And, oh, he has fans [?] as a singer. Just don’t let him get to politics. Please. No more celebrity politicians, please.

Pacquiao finished the match in three rounds. I’m starting to feel another wave of celebration waiting for his coming back home. But, I wouldn’t even consider him a hero. Will there be a Pacman day? Will all of this be worth it? Yes, he gives pride and unity to Filipinos. But much later after this fight, would there still be?