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Love is Tragedy

I really don’t know why there’s this soft side in me that likes tragic endings. Nevertheless, I typically like only those that come with very wonderful meanings. I’ve just posted one ten days ago, as an example. Well, now I guess I’m just reminiscing how happy I am when I’m with her. Now that the summer vacation has started, we, more or less, wouldn’t be seeing each other in a very long while—very long at least for me.

I’ve watched the following video[1] circa 2004. A blog post from a recent commenter about a blind girl’s love story, though unrelated to the video, reminded me of it.

Watch Because I’m a Girl by KISS on Google Video

Love is tragedy—it is sacrifice. Yes, in exactly two years that we’ve been together we still have arguments left unanswered. Yet, I’m very happy it really shows we still love each other. I already had my last happy moment with her during the school year. This waiting for so long is a sacrifice. But, if it only proves that our love is stronger than distance, I would not hesitate to take the challenge.

Happy 2nd Year, My Princess! I’m missing you already! *hug*


  • ^ The video is entitled Because I’m a Girl by KISS, a KPop girl group. More info on

Oh, Happy Day!

You were once someone whom I would just pass by without even knowing you were there … Now, I can’t pass by anything without you. Then, you became someone I’d share a couple of PE class hours with every week, but no more than that … Now, you’ve become more to me than everything. Then, you became someone I’d listen to for all day for stories of people that I shouldn’t have been caring for in any way … Now, you’ve become the story I’d share to anyone whom I don’t know even cares about hearing it.

Almost seventeen years that I haven’t known you now feels like a life wasted. All these times I wish I’ve known you a little sooner; that I could have known you a little better. Now, it doesn’t matter anymore. 25th of December 2004 was when I first told you I love you. 26th of March 2005 was when you told me the same. It was two days later when we became officially together. Now … it has been a year.

From day one to day three hundred and sixty-five, we have already solved countless problems together and even against each other. With this, I definitely know we’ve changed a lot about each other. Sometimes I even think I am not whom I used to be before I met you. But nothing in life is constant except for change. Even my love for you changes. Yes … it grows.

To my baby honey munchkin sweetheart, the princess of my heart and the queen of my life:

Bhei and By

Happy Anniversary!
I love you … so much!