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A Different Kind of Easter Bunny

First of all: Happy Easter, everyone! I seemed to have forgotten to greet you on my last entry because of certain excitement and happiness — proves Easter is a happy season. Well, I actually didn’t go right to happy mode when I woke up on Easter Sunday, I could not sleep for hours rolling on my bed trying to get the best sleeping position [or it may be because of something else]. All I know is I haven’t got sufficient sleep.

As celebrities and other families celebrate their Holy Weeks on trips and vacations, our family usually spends it on fasting, abstinence, and heavy exercise. 😆

This is the heavy exercise: Since our house was extended, I didn’t have time and space to arrange and clean up my things the best way I could. I ended up having the dirtiest room in the house or possibly the neighborhood. Ehehe … Anyway, since my room is the farthest from outside [or the facade of] our house besides from being the dirtiest, it was the first one we cleaned up. Now I have the cleanest room of the house! Yeah! And that’s not all. We moved my computer and television here from the library–et-cetera room beside mine. Again: my computer is in my room!

But, I still haven’t finished tidying up everything that was left in the living room since we put everything there to be sorted out. About two days of cleaning still unfinished. Ehehe … I told you it was really a mess! My Easter bunny is a dust bunny. 😆

Well, let us get out of that thought now. I’ve got a lot of plans for this website. I think it’s time for a redesign and restructure since my site info and about pages are becoming bloated and I am starting my web development career. I still haven’t got ideas for the design but I’ve finished the blueprint for the structure of the new version of this website.

Oh, I’ve thought of an idea for a domain name but I’ve asked only from a handful of my friends. I still want some ideas for it so I will be putting off publicizing my idea a little later.