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Annoying People

We know for sure that we couldn’t always get what we want. What’s more irritating about it is that some people are born just to hinder us even from the simple things we crave in life. Yes, we could do something to stop them. But, what if chance made us let the annoying person do what he was born to? Then it becomes more annoying, right? I think you could now guess: yes, one example of it happened to me just this morning. Here’s how it went:

People always crowd the Times (Manila Times Village) area during rush hours, and I’m almost always one of the dozens of people running towards whichever FX taxi stops even if it is private. 😆 When one empty cab pulled over this morning, I was luckily in front of the door to be the first one to board. But, being the gentleman that I am, *teehee* I let the girl behind me board first before I did. Just after sitting comfortably, I’ve noticed the next guy beside me looked to the girl in such a way that he knows her. *oops* But he never said anything. For the whole trip of about an hour or so, he never did talk to her; he just paid both their fares. Now you know that I was the annoying person. 😛

Well, it was his problem, wasn’t it? If he had said anything just as I’ve let the girl ride the cab, I would have let him board next. If he told me after boarding the cab that he’s with her, I would’ve said I was sorry. If he held her in the hand or on the shoulder, I wouldn’t have boarded right after her. (Now I guess he’s still courting her—he would’ve held her otherwise, right?)

Lesson: If you want to keep something dear to you, never let go. If ever you’ve already let go but you realized you want it back so bad, fight for it [or at least talk]. Or else, someone else might just sit between you.