Tech Thoughts

Energy Conversion Starts Making Sense

I just came to realize that my most hated subject at the moment, EE204: Energy Conversion,[1] in which I have flunked my exams 2 out of 2, would be useful to me as an aspiring Electronics Engineer. At first, as an ECE student, I thought I’m not going to need this course since I’m not planning to specialize in electric power generation that EEs should be doing.

While browsing through blogs and tech news sites like I usually do, I’ve read about emerging technologies that deals with the use of hand cranks and similar manually-operated power generators, instead of the conventional way of plugging devices onto a power outlet. I’ve also read about environmental issues concerning electric power consumption and conservation with computer and even search engine usage.

We still haven’t gone to discuss DC generators as we are just halfway through the course. But, seeing how the OLPC plans to make human-powered laptop computers by means of a crank, a pedal or a pull-cord in the form of XO-1 to be distributed to children on developing countries who have little access to electricity, I got the insight. Furthermore, I just saw a portable media player utilizing the same idea, thanks to Bernie of Talkin’ Tech.

I know I shouldn’t have been posting this now as our preliminary exam week is just a day away, and the exam on EE204 is first on the list. I am just happy to see current applications of what I am studying theoretically as it gives me more understanding of the subject matter.

So, let me just ask, what would you say about manually-powered electronic devices that use less power than conventional ones? Would you be seen using it in the future or you would just stick to conventional devices until none of them exists anymore? Hand cranks and pedal generators on the nearest Wi-Fi–enabled coffee shop, anyone?


  1. ^ a course dealing with the conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy (as with generators) and vice versa (as with motors)
Rants School Thoughts

Christmas Vacation Starts

I guess you never know the importance of education until the day you were deprived of it. Yes, I go to school to learn, but I usually do not pay much attention unless I really am interested in the topics discussed. Moreover, I sometimes sleep during the length of the discussion especially when it’s freezing inside the classroom and, of course, when I lack having some the night before.

This second semester, however, made me realize I really like school.

For one, we haven’t had a week of complete and continuous classes since just a couple of weeks after the start of the semester, the Electronics Engineering Department held the NECES week. Then, the week after that came the devastating storm whose path thankfully did not include Metro Manila, but suspension of classes prevailed for three of my school days. Then some university-wide event took place the week after the storm. I can clearly remember telling myself and my friends with a certain tone of frustration, Magklase naman tayo. (English: Let us have our classes [back].)

What I really hate is the change to fast-paced lectures when you couldn’t even comprehend with slow-paced discussions. Also, I hate the make-up classes that would most probably take up my Monday weekends. And, of course, the fact that I still haven’t learned anything yet. Imagine taking 12 hours of MECH 301 during what supposed to be is your day off from school. Ugh. I could even sleep in two hours of lecture, what more with twelve?

I just somehow fall in irony for whenever I listen to an uninteresting discussion, I could float again in endless thoughts thinking about the nearing vacation that has already come a day early.

Experiences Humor Thoughts

Annoying People

We know for sure that we couldn’t always get what we want. What’s more irritating about it is that some people are born just to hinder us even from the simple things we crave in life. Yes, we could do something to stop them. But, what if chance made us let the annoying person do what he was born to? Then it becomes more annoying, right? I think you could now guess: yes, one example of it happened to me just this morning. Here’s how it went:

People always crowd the Times (Manila Times Village) area during rush hours, and I’m almost always one of the dozens of people running towards whichever FX taxi stops even if it is private. πŸ˜† When one empty cab pulled over this morning, I was luckily in front of the door to be the first one to board. But, being the gentleman that I am, *teehee* I let the girl behind me board first before I did. Just after sitting comfortably, I’ve noticed the next guy beside me looked to the girl in such a way that he knows her. *oops* But he never said anything. For the whole trip of about an hour or so, he never did talk to her; he just paid both their fares. Now you know that I was the annoying person. πŸ˜›

Well, it was his problem, wasn’t it? If he had said anything just as I’ve let the girl ride the cab, I would have let him board next. If he told me after boarding the cab that he’s with her, I would’ve said I was sorry. If he held her in the hand or on the shoulder, I wouldn’t have boarded right after her. (Now I guess he’s still courting herÒ€”he would’ve held her otherwise, right?)

Lesson: If you want to keep something dear to you, never let go. If ever you’ve already let go but you realized you want it back so bad, fight for it [or at least talk]. Or else, someone else might just sit between you.


Oh, Happy Day!

You were once someone whom I would just pass by without even knowing you were there … Now, I can’t pass by anything without you. Then, you became someone I’d share a couple of PE class hours with every week, but no more than that … Now, you’ve become more to me than everything. Then, you became someone I’d listen to for all day for stories of people that I shouldn’t have been caring for in any way … Now, you’ve become the story I’d share to anyone whom I don’t know even cares about hearing it.

Almost seventeen years that I haven’t known you now feels like a life wasted. All these times I wish I’ve known you a little sooner; that I could have known you a little better. Now, it doesn’t matter anymore. 25th of December 2004 was when I first told you I love you. 26th of March 2005 was when you told me the same. It was two days later when we became officially together. Now … it has been a year.

From day one to day three hundred and sixty-five, we have already solved countless problems together and even against each other. With this, I definitely know we’ve changed a lot about each other. Sometimes I even think I am not whom I used to be before I met you. But nothing in life is constant except for change. Even my love for you changes. Yes … it grows.

To my baby honey munchkin sweetheart, the princess of my heart and the queen of my life:

Bhei and By

Happy Anniversary!
I love you … so much!

Dreams Experiences Me Thoughts

Big Brother

Big note: I will not be talking about some reality television series this time.

This may sound melancholic, but I just realized this past few days that I’ve been longing for a big brother, or maybe even a little one. Here’s my story:

Before evening last Tuesday, I became excited when my father told me my older cousin will be sleeping over our house for the night because his friend asked him to teach something. It didn’t actually take place, so we just hung around, watched a movie, and talked about stuff. I was happy. But, it was actually my mother who made me realize that I long for a kuya (“big brother” in English). Yes, I have an older sister whom I really am close with, but I can neither play games nor watch action movies with her.

A big brother is plainly impossible that’s why I guess even a little brother would suffice. Though my mother said it is still possible for her to bear a child, it will be very difficult and dangerous for she’s already in her forties, and she have had operations somewhere in her reproductive system. πŸ™

BTW, I have had my hair cut yesterday Ò€” shaved sides ang back. I don’t actually miss the long-back style I’ve had for years now, it’s so damn hot these days that I became comfortable with this new haircut almost immediately. I just don’t know how I can handle my classmates’ and friends’ teasing of gagong gupit or such when I go to school this Monday or Tuesday. Now, I really look like some fat kid who’s missing a big brother. I just hope other people won’t see it as such. πŸ˜†