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Not Worth the Ticket

OK, OK. The fight was worth the 700-peso live moviecast ticket for them Filipino boxing fans because Manny Pacquiao won his third match against Erik Morales. But even with all the hype I encounter from them, I was a little disappointed I haven’t had to watch a longer fight. Good thing I wasn’t at all interested in watching live inside a movie house. I’d rather spend money for food and gadgetry, or a real film that costs just above a hundred pesos, than for a 10-minute movie costing almost a thousand. The trip to the movie house would even be much longer even when there’s not another car within the next kilometer!

I am not blaming Morales for the loss. He did give Pacquiao some good punches. I just don’t like people making it such a big thing bragging all day flooding my mobile with SMS. I don’t need to hear it from you, I’ve watched the match live from cable television myself.

OK, Pacquiao is a good boxer. And because of this, he became a good endorser. And, oh, he has fans [?] as a singer. Just don’t let him get to politics. Please. No more celebrity politicians, please.

Pacquiao finished the match in three rounds. I’m starting to feel another wave of celebration waiting for his coming back home. But, I wouldn’t even consider him a hero. Will there be a Pacman day? Will all of this be worth it? Yes, he gives pride and unity to Filipinos. But much later after this fight, would there still be?

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A Role Model

Earlier tonight, I’ve finished watching GTO Live Action series my sister and I borrowed from our uncle. Even if I had already watched this whole series one day years ago, I, still, was really entertained by everything he did in those 12 episodes (spanning nine hours) of comedy and drama. I’ve even finished watching the GTO Live Action Drama Special — a special sequel to the series — and the GTO Live Action Movie, which is not connected to the series.

I really do not know how he does it (or at least how he thinks about things) but I really am amazed on how he recovers from every trial prejudice and first impressions bring him. What makes me wonder more is that how he could be so right and so wrong at the same time (of course, with more emphasis on the right deeds). I don’t plan to be a teacher but Eikichi is one person I’d really look forward to be in the future, less the foul mouth and crudity. 😛

Now, I really wish I could do to my girlfriend what he did to impress and make Miss Fuyutsuki fall in love with him … It was impressively pure of heart.

GTL: Great Teacher Lapus — Doesn’t sound right, does it? 😆

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One big slip of the tongue

I doubted it since I first saw its advertisement. I doubted it more after I’ve seen the show. Even more doubts came during the middle of its season. Now one big slip of the tongue gave it all away.

Many rumors already say somebody connected to the network will win. Now it makes sense to me.

Why would anyone let the rich play the game to be rich? A magazine model and an imported commercial model? Give me a break! I really think it’s for the show’s marketing — not for the challenge of playing the game.

Ok, I know you have an idea of what I am talking about. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I didn’t really want to post something about this. The events that popped out made me do so.

Yes, yes. I’m talking about Pinoy Big Brother — the only show I think ABS-CBN’s been proud of recently. No wonder, it sure makes a hell lot of a money from its viewers and sponsors. Even tried to make them think their votes will count for the last minute. Oh, I most certainly doubt it — they had the evictee’s mother come home the night before the evictee was voted to be evicted! Got script? No doubt about that.

Quick update: Look! Somebody noticed, too.