Aja’s Forsaken Weblog

  • Matt is Coming to Town

    WordCamp Philippines 2008 is coming! And I have classes that day! But, since Lexie told me, the hell I care, Matt Mullenweg is coming!

  • Is Yahoo! under attack?

    I could not get onto Yahoo! Messenger right this moment. Some other people could neither. Is Yahoo! under attack?

  • Lots’u-pdates~a

    OK. So, I’m craving for pizza. Well, it’s actually Yellow Cab I’m looking for if you’re really interested in sending me some. LOL I’ve done a lot of updates including WordPress and some plugins. It seems Dustin Diaz updated CSS Naked Day’s date as well!

  • Blog’s Not Dead

    I’m just too damn busy with everything—organizing my life, school matters, a little bit of work, and, of course, play. Heh.

  • Musing #0012

    I’m wondering: How do fireworks look from above? Sorry … I’m here dreaming of space yet again. Happy New Year, everyone! 😀

Got any book recommendations?