Month: November 2006

  • Technological Language Barrier

    With the newest technologies using names composed of superlatives, how would the next inventors and innovators brand their creations?

  • Not Worth the Ticket

    Pacquiao finished the match in three rounds. I’m starting to feel another wave of celebration waiting for his coming back home. But, I wouldn’t even consider him a hero. Will there be a Pacman day? Will all of this be worth it? Yes, he gives pride and unity to Filipinos. But much later after this fight, would there still be?

  • Musing #0007

    What could this day’s blog post be for? 😉

  • Giving Up on Social Bookmarking

    Most of the time when I go scouring the Web for interesting articles, I see more or less than a dozen link icons to those sites within the blog entries. But, I ask myself: Do I really need to place all these links just for users to select which one they’d prefer to use?

  • Was the Messenger Virus Controlled?

    It seems that Yahoo! already implements a system to block the spread of the messenger virus. What about other messaging programs?