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Redesign At Long Last

I have announced a redesign more than a month ago, but since WP 2.2 has been delayed, I decided to delay it as well. It’s finished now … well, almost. The upgrading process and the redesign exhausted me. So this post will just be a placeholder. Place your comments here, but I will surely edit this entry later.

I was just worried about some things the upgrade did to my database, it seems that some non-Latin characters was converted to something else. I will investigate on this matter after I wake up later this morning.

*after waking up this afternoon*

After years of having single color accents, I’ve decided to take on dual-color accents to be used on this new design. I just love having complementary orange and blue on almost anything, now they’re on my Web site as well.

Some pages still wouldn’t work, and some are still being rewritten. The new Projects page will be used to organize all my work including Web development and WordPress plugin development pages.

This design has been tested on Firefox 2.0.0.x, Opera 9.x and Internet Explorer 7. I may include some bug fixes for Internet Explorer 6 as I discover it, but don’t count on it.

Credits go to Feed Icons for the standard feed icon, and to FamFamFam for the cute little Silk icons I’ve used throughout the whole site.

Thanks to Arvin for pointing out that my comment form didn’t work. I’ve only used id attributes on the form elements that browsers handling HTML-compatible XHTML wouldn’t process as query string variable names like what they do on name attributes.

Criticisms are welcome. 🙂


Musing #0011

A lot of us hate spam, but how do you think human spammers or the people behind robot spammers react to their actions? Do spammers hate receiving spam comments, messages and mails they didn’t send themselves as much as we do?


Tagged—I’m It!

My mind is filled with everything I am concerned with right now the only thing left to happen is for it to explode. But, at the same time I could not tell which to write—from my point of view on the future of HTML to my own personal life to the things happening at school. Then, I was tagged by Shari. Since I haven’t got anything concrete to blog, might as well go on with the meme. Now, here are:

Ten weird facts about myself.

  1. I could spend over half a day everyday [literally] reading encyclopedias and fact books or articles.
  2. I love solving logic books, puzzles and games.
  3. I could only sing well—I think—inside a Church with a lot of other people, or in my room alone.
  4. I am not used to wearing anything other than my clothes and a little hair conditioner. (i.e., perfume, facial powder, moisturizer, etc.)
  5. I never liked WYSIWYG editors.
  6. I thought being exposed to bright light could really make anyone sneeze[1] until I’ve read about this condition.
  7. I sometimes practice writing with my left hand.[2] I could, however, do many things at ease using either hand. (i.e., texting, typing, eating, shooting basketballs)
  8. I am a neat freak only outside my own bedroom.
  9. I enjoy being involved in a lot of organizations, but I hate too much red tape.[3]
  10. *place one more weird fact here*[4] 😛

I really hope I get out of this blogger’s block soon. *tee-hee*

Hmm … Who would I tag next? I really do not know who reads my entries. Lurkers de-lurk! Alright—Arvin, Andy and Erna—Tag! You’re it!or them?

Oh, this entry could really add to my trivia page—not that it really concerns you. 😀


  1. ^ I do sneeze whenever I am exposed to bright light; I thought it was normal
  2. ^ for my mother told me I could when I was little
  3. ^ especially those where my superiors are the ones who cannot agree with each other
  4. ^ maybe it’s time you tell me one weird fact you know about me. 😉
Me Opinion Thoughts WWW

Mixed nuts


Summer’s here; I have a lot of time to think. Now, compared to my usual post length, I’ve got you a longer one.

Another day in my life

Of course: my life’s story. I really can feel summer right now. No doubt. I’ve got tons of reasons to prove that:

  • Exhibit A: No water supply[1]
  • Exhibit B: Too damn hot outside
  • Exhibit C: It’s damn hot inside, too
  • Exhibit D: Second semester just ended
  • Exhibit E: Third semester[2] is starting 😆

Summer: summer vacation or summer classes?

I really am hoping for the former. Though I got a grade below the orginal intended passing grade, I wish it could be lowered to less than what I have. I have posted so many times about Phys 205, so I guess you know what I am talking about right now. *worried*

First anniversary promo 😛

As an online entity, I usually:

  1. Try to make friends
  2. Go with a flow; and
  3. Do whatever pleases me

I see many people being hosted for free by other bloggers. Since I think I have superiority complex[3], I don’t like being the one hosted by another. Here’s what I want to do, then:

Thinking about my domain’s anniversary this August, I was planning to buy an add-on domain to host bloggers since nobody would want a address. But, I really do not know what people want as a domain name, so I am asking you. I decided to have a head start since I have a regular reader base of only less than ten that in time I hope I can have more responses than that.

My rules and criteria:

  • criteria:
    • the domain should be:
      1. gender neutral; and
      2. appealing
    • it’s a plus if the domain:
      1. is something I could relate to
      2. is short; easy to remember; and
      3. comes with a .net extension[4]
  • rules:
    1. the domain should be available[5]

Criteria and Rules updated 31 March 2006, 19:01

Of course, I am not entirely sure if I can accomplish this. Money still governs the final decision.

Now, if you have any ideas or suggestions, please respond below using the comment form. Thank you.

New column

With so much in mind, I think I’d like to open up a special category for just thoughts. So, just read after this entry, I have one I’d like you to respond to. 🙂


I’ve just played TextTwist with my sister. I lost to “LUNACY” in the ninth round. Argh, I think I’ve become a deranged lunatic. 😈 Oh, my head hurts like hell!


  1. ^ No water supplyThe well in our village is undergoing maintenance and/or renovation. I really do not know the cause of it being made deeper, I just plainly concluded it is because of summer heat though a more complicated cause is more plausible.
  2. ^ Third semesterAs UST Engineering students would say: Third semester is another name for summer classes, for summer classes feels just like regular school days.
  3. ^ Superiority complexI think I actually have alternating superiority-inferiority complex — if such really exists — depending on the situation and the people involved.
  4. ^ .net domain extensionFor the domain will be a network of my friends and hostees.
  5. ^ Whois SearchCheck domain availability
Me Opinion Thoughts

On Thoughts

I can proudly say I’m a deep thinker. Most of the time I tend to keep silent, alone or not, thinking about so many things — just like now. Yes, my mind is full … let me change that … is overflowing with thoughts. I just can’t seem to write anything about them right now. But, yes, I am writing — about my thoughts about my thoughts. Read again if you find it confusing. Ehehe …

So, what’s on my mind (as well as everybody else’s) is a mystery, don’t you think? I definitely know you do not know it. I do not seem to know it exactly, either. But let me tell you this. Surprisingly, most of my thoughts come into being while I am in the shower. Mind you, those thoughts are clean even though I’m naked. They’re mostly ideas about things I do or want to do (e.g., computers and sports). Told you they weren’t dirty.

I really hope this starts even just a little discussion. What are your thoughts mostly about? Where do they usually come from? What makes you think about things? What do you do about those thoughts? Oh, I could go forever with this questions. You could just answer those or make up some other related topics you want to talk about. Hopefully, I could write something substantial later. Oh, and thanks if you find this one substantial. (Though you most probably won’t.) 😛