On Thoughts

I can proudly say I’m a deep thinker. Most of the time I tend to keep silent, alone or not, thinking about so many things — just like now. Yes, my mind is full … let me change that … is overflowing with thoughts. I just can’t seem to write anything about them right now. But, yes, I am writing — about my thoughts about my thoughts. Read again if you find it confusing. Ehehe …

So, what’s on my mind (as well as everybody else’s) is a mystery, don’t you think? I definitely know you do not know it. I do not seem to know it exactly, either. But let me tell you this. Surprisingly, most of my thoughts come into being while I am in the shower. Mind you, those thoughts are clean even though I’m naked. They’re mostly ideas about things I do or want to do (e.g., computers and sports). Told you they weren’t dirty.

I really hope this starts even just a little discussion. What are your thoughts mostly about? Where do they usually come from? What makes you think about things? What do you do about those thoughts? Oh, I could go forever with this questions. You could just answer those or make up some other related topics you want to talk about. Hopefully, I could write something substantial later. Oh, and thanks if you find this one substantial. (Though you most probably won’t.) 😛


11 responses to “On Thoughts”

  1. my thoughts are mostly about my dreams and goals in life(though i seldom tell anybody about it), my daily realizations, my friends and of course my crush! hahaha! small things that remind me of such things make me think about them. i often blog about it or i try to write a poem or something…

    (my comment isn’t substantial unlike your post.)

  2. Haha… Wag mo ako bolahin ate! May nagsabi sakin:

    waLang sense. =))

    Thanks Peyt!

  3. kung walang sense yan, ano pa kaya mga sinusulat ko sa blog ko?

  4. naks! anlalim naman ng blog mo po!! whew!! teka, sabaw kasi utak ko eh. mejo mahaba habang isipan toh.. haha!! joke..

    well, ako kasi mushy akong tao. so halos lahat ng nasa utak ko, (except when studying siguro at pag sobrang gutom na gutom na ako 😀 ) eh puro ka-mushy-han.. mostly about my ex, kasi love ko pa sha til now, even if i have a new bf na.. hahaii, pero i try not to think about him na, kasi pointless lang eh. wala na kami, and i have to accept that as it is… so ayun..

    minsan naman naiisip ko ung friends ko, namimiss ko na kasi sila…

    puro un lang nasa isip ko eh, maliban na lang kung exam toh at kelangan ko talagang mag-isip ng malalim, like world peace ba ito or gma resign??? hehehe 🙂

    nice layout btw, super simple. pero punong puno ng kung anu-anong techy terms na di ko magets.. haha! pang-blog lang po kasi ako eh.. ayun! thanks for commenting on my layout ah! muah!!

    see yah round!! 🙂

  5. Ehehe… Marj, binuhos mo lahat ah! Wala lang… Gulat ako nung unang beses ko binasa yang comment mo 😛

    Salamat sa paglalahad. 😀

  6. Just visiting here out of curiosity. 😛

    Nice layout. Simple but done with precision. ^_^

    Thoughts? Nah, I don’t share them with anyone, pero more probably alam mo naman di ba? Ahahaha~ 😛

    My thoughts have many… Uh… Sides, perhaps? My own words cannot express it. That’s about everything.

  7. You, deep thinker? (doubts) Just kidding. :p As for me, I can only think deeply when I am not preoccupied with stuff in school and home. This most often happens very night or dawn when I rest my head on my pillow. Often these things are scary, sometimes so scary that I couldn’t sleep anymore.

    I mainly think about the future, especially the possibility of death grabbing my parents, loved ones and even myself one uncertain day. I think of the pain of separation, and the huge adjustments – like giving up my hobbies/vices like surfing the internet and blogging – I would have to make being the 2nd to the eldest of us siblings.
    I also think of what will happen to me when I grow up, and if I will be able to find this so-called real contentment – simple joys and true love – I’ve been searching for. (Yes, I am a closet sucker for romance.)
    And weird as it may seem, I think of what I’ll do if the world ends one moment while I lie awake. And what if the whole world stops and I am the only one left standing?

    … I am a dork. LOLers.

    I will confide that upon pondering on these… I end up crying like a lost kid.

  8. kamusta naman ako Lang nagsabing waLang sense hahaha. =))

  9. Hmmm … Bakit nga kaya? 🙄

    Hindi ko din alam eh! 😆

    Ehehe … Ayos lang yan, bawi na lang next time! 😉

  10. I’m a deep thinker too. I seriously think when i’m washing the dishes or when i’m sitting alone in the bus on my way to school. Wala lang. Ang sarap mag muni muni eh! hahaha!

  11. Well, I, too, think deeply during trips to school or back, especially when alone inside the fx or bus. Ehehe …