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  • Redesign At Long Last

    I have announced a redesign more than a month ago, but since WP 2.2 has been delayed, I decided to delay it as well. It’s finished now … well, almost. The upgrading process and the redesign exhausted me. Criticisms are welcome. 🙂

  • Musing #0011

    A lot of us hate spam, but how do you think human spammers or the people behind robot spammers react to their actions? Do spammers hate receiving spam comments, messages and mails they didn’t send themselves as much as we do?

  • Tagged—I’m It!

    I was tagged by Shari. Since I haven’t got anything concrete to blog, might as well go on with the meme—ten weird facts about myself.

  • Mixed nuts

    Mixed thoughts, mixed ideas. Share yours. The more, the merrier. 😛

  • On Thoughts

    I’ve written something I’ve just thought about. It is about my thoughts about my thoughts. Can you follow?