Category: Musings

  • Musing #0013

    Haven’t Microsoft realized how bad the analogy of their new mission campaign to the operating system could be? I see it as, life without walls : computer without firewalls. They also use a big-ass Windows logo hole on a wall as the background image. Windows as holes = the perfect symbolism.

  • Musing #0012



    I’m wondering: How do fireworks look from above? Sorry … I’m here dreaming of space yet again. Happy New Year, everyone! 😀

  • Musing #0011

    A lot of us hate spam, but how do you think human spammers or the people behind robot spammers react to their actions? Do spammers hate receiving spam comments, messages and mails they didn’t send themselves as much as we do?

  • Musing #0010

    Would you like reading Tagalog language translations in global-scope Web sites even though you understand the standard and default English language version?

  • Musing #0009

    I think I’ve lost my touch. Well, I mean my writing skills. I’ve got tons to say but I couldn’t write it. So … How do you think I could overcome writer’s block or—in my case—blogger’s block?