Category: Musings

  • Musing #0008

    Why is the Microsoft Windows’ Turn Off Computer command on the Start menu?

  • Musing #0007

    What could this day’s blog post be for? 😉

  • Musing #0006

    Why be bitter when you should have been proud you’ve had a chance to show what you’ve got?

  • Musing #0005



    Why do minor subject professors (i.e., those teaching English to students taking up an engineering program) think they’re teaching major ones trying to make students give up all their time just to pass their bloody requirements? And, they don’t even teach, they just rail to whoever they want to raise their know-it-all ego, and assume…

  • Musing #0004



    Is it just me or do people really tend to manipulate online quizzes and memes to display a result of their interest or liking?