Musing #0006

Why be bitter when you should have been proud you’ve had a chance to show what you’ve got?


4 responses to “Musing #0006”

  1. I was there at the Araneta during the Cheerdance and know what, I so hated how other UP students in the GenAd (where my prof in Cheering Class reserved tickets for us) acted when UST’s Salinggawi was about to dance. They were so bitter upon seeing how great UST’s routine was, even before Salinggawi’s turn they were already screaming out boos at the Tigers. It was very embarrassing for other UP students (including me) who never dared to act so childish like how those very immature and annoying people did. What was so degrading on my part (the rest of us who did not clamor like them) was that the UST never got back at us even though their (those of sick UP students) screams were really outrageous already. Haaaiii…. nakakahiya talaga.

    It’s not that I’m biased about it since I came from UST and studied there for one year, but I guess it’s just a matter of maturity that each one of us must know, that they should not have displayed such silly behavior the fact that they carry the name of our school…. sheesh. state U pa man din kami. >_

  2. I forgot to tell you.. I heard that our Pep practiced that routine only within a month. That’s why I wasn’t surprised to know that they went down to 3rd with that kind of preparation. In comparision to the Salinggawi which is very famous for having been practicing the routine for the Cheerdance as early as June, they really deserve to win. Besides, their routine itself simply shows how well they’ve prepared for the competition. Malinis talaga.

  3. nagets ko na kung san tungkol tong musing na to dahil sa naunang comment… basta pagkakaalam ko nga dapat hindi sasali ang UP Pep this year in prostest sa nangyari last year. ni hindi ko nga alam na cheerdance competition na pala nung day na un. owel… hindi ko rin naman napanood kahit sa tv. (epal lang ako kaya may comment ako dito. hehe)

  4. You know well enough that I don’t care about it. *shrugs* Hah, but I’ve heard friends say that they don’t really regard UST as a great winner because it’s routine is always recycled.

    And I don’t even care about it, haha!