Something Personal for November

I haven’t done a personal blog entry for a long time, but since I would be creating one in the near future apart from a tech blog and a web standards blog, I might as well … uhm … practice.

Those links above won’t work, as I still haven’t set those blogs up yet. I’m actually waiting for the release of WordPress 2.7, so I could continue blogging there. And, I promise not to let go of this domain, as I have most online accounts registered through various email addresses here. I just hope I could manage these three efficiently (especially financially).

So, what’s up for November? Nuthin’…

But, I would like:

  1. a Nikon D80 or D90
  2. a 1-Terabyte hard disk drive
  3. an Apple iPod USB power adapter
  4. a Bluetooth USB adapter
  5. maybe … an iMac or a Macbook as well

Andall my close friends with me on my birthday! Yep. I’m turning 21 next week, and this serves as my wish list. Heh. I actually had istanbul travestileri in mind a new mobile phone and a really nice gadget desk/shelf for all the stuff I have with me now (scattered on my desk and around the room, actually). But, my father bought me a new phone (a very pretty one) already, and yes … I know … I need to cleanup my room and free a lot of space.

I didn’t immediately realize I had two of those listed above already in my wish list last two years ago, but I have better-sounding lanyard earphones and a DVD±R/RW Drive (albeit black) already. Yeah, it was that long ago!

You could post comments below this entry if you want to sponsor any of those listed above to avoid doubling of presents—I really only need one of each kind, thank you. 😉

Oh, and if you haven’t already, follow me on your Plurk timeline! I update there most often. Thanks!






21 responses to “Something Personal for November”

  1. Gel Avatar

    OMG YOURE FINALLY BLOGGING IN HUMAN LANGUAGE wahahahaha! Sorry naman Aja, mga blog entries mo kasi minsan nakakatanga na ewan e :p

    Good luck in maintaining your sites! I’m going crazy with only 2. Haha.

  2. Aja Avatar

    I think kaya ka nahihirapan kasi parehas na personal blog ‘ung dalawang site mo. Kung may kanya-kanyang theme siguro bawat isa, madali mo mamamanage kung alin ang lalagyan mo ng bagong post. 🙂

  3. DinDin Avatar

    an Apple iPod USB power adapter — i’d like one too..haha..=D

  4. Ada Avatar

    Whow, Advance Happy Birthday!

    I thought you’re older than me when I saw in Mini Wed Confe LOL. peace!

  5. Aja Avatar

    Haha… That’s OK. But, I really think I was the youngest person there that time. *tee-hee*

    Next time lalapitan na kita’t kakausapin. Haha… Shy type ako eh. LULZ

  6. Pahn Avatar

    ako naman, I wanted to start creating tech blogs and advices,, putting some personal touch on post can really create credibility from the readers ^^

  7. Jaypee Avatar

    So did you get any of those stuff during your birthday? I also have a DSLR and a Macbook Pro on my wishlist. But since I just got a new laptop, the DSLR will be enough. 😀

  8. filipino entrepreneur Avatar

    Belated happy birthday na lang bro….

  9. Arvin Avatar

    whoooo! wala ka na dn gano update. haha!
    ako i’m trying to start ulet. make money! joke!
    new link din. update. update. 😀

  10. Lyann Avatar

    i hope you get everything you want!
    advance happy birthday!

  11. tite Avatar

    hoy mag ingat ka..unti na lang at gugulpihin ka na namin..alam namin na taga ust ka..5 ece a..yamot na kami sa mukha..unti na lang talaga kumag!

  12. Dianne Avatar

    advance happy birthday. 🙂 ang mahal naman nun! well, sana makuha mo lahat yan

  13. Aja Avatar

    @Pahn: It depends on the audience, I think. Some look for personal advice, but others look for a more objective approach. Opinions still matter, however. Good luck on that tech blog. 🙂

    @Jaypee: I haven’t on my birthday last November, but I bought my digital SLR the end of January, and we’ve just got a 1.5-Terabyte hard disk drive yesterday. So, I’m still happy. 😀

    @filipino entrepreneur: Thanks!

    @Arvin: Haha. School stuff prevented me from being active. LOL I have three other blogs to start updates on beside this one. Link you after some upgrades. 😀

    @Lyann: I’d take it as “belated,” thanks. 😉

    @tite: Uhm… LOL? XD

    @Dianne: Another one I’d take as “belated.” Thank you, thank you. 😀

  14. Marco DJ Avatar

    Hey… Looks like I’m going to have fun following this blog. And that’s quite a wish list. Anything scratched off it yet? 🙂

  15. Philippine Love & Relationships Forum Avatar
    Philippine Love & Relationships Forum

    Nikon D90 ang sarap bilihin ngayon.

  16. Acne Treatments Asia Avatar
    Acne Treatments Asia

    1 Terrabyte HDD now is cheap. very affordable na.

  17. Aja Avatar

    @Marco DJ: I actually have a DSLR and a large HDD now. I just haven’t updated this site in a very long while. 😀

  18. Allan Rencontres Avatar

    Are you still using this blog? I see the last post was in November 🙂 Do you want to keep this domain name or is it available to purchase?

  19. Pierre Relation Avatar

    I saw that you had on your wish list an iPod USB Adaptor so i believe you have an Ipod. Is it an iPod Touch? I have an iPhone and is very useful to me for my blog. I can post a comment wherever i am and. For your next birthday think about adding one on your wish list. it’s very useful

  20. kris Avatar

    wow. advance happy birthday, and good luck to your new blogs. 🙂

  21. gemroy Avatar

    Kumusta poh? I have added your stunning blog on my blogroll. please link back. salamat!