Capturing Moments

Being one who has interest in photography but never actually learned from another on how to do it, I just take whatever photo my simple digital point-and-shoot camera could take; copying the manner of how other photos were taken, and not taking into account the features my camera possesses. [Raindrop photo taken during the seminar] In fairness to me, some [non-photography inclined] people say that I, most of the time, take good pictures—well, on automatic.

Having the chance to attend the Basic Digital Photography Seminar of the Engineering Student Council, I then learned a lot about the insides of a camera. Representatives from Canon taught us how aperture, shutter speed, exposure, flash and all other things work together [or separately] to produce a certain quality of photograph.

Photo exhibiting a macro focus on the flower foreground.

The seminar was just a short one, as most of the time was spent printing them. [For free!] But the Documentation Committee who managed the seminar took my [four] prints to be placed on a future exhibit. I still have the digital copies of course. Take a look at my Flickr set.

By the way, my nose bled when they were setting up their equipment. They displayed three Canon Digital SLRs with one having almost the same price as a used car! They also had a two printers with them. One of which prints borderless postcards directly from the camera. *holding onto my nose now*


8 responses to “Capturing Moments”

  1. nice shots! very artistic! 😀

    sure wish i had a digicam, my only camera right now is the one on my phone, and… it’s not really the best equipment to use for photography. hehe…

  2. The top photo I like much!

    I, too, have a Canon IXUS but still only shooting in auto mode. Lucky you went to a digicam Canon seminar. Will you be posting entries about “aperture, shutter speed, exposure, flash and all other things?” Hehehe!


  3. I’ve thought about posting some tips but I had a project to be finished yesterday when I was writing the entry. Hopefully, when I finally have enough time and creativity, I could make some tutorial pages separated from the blog itself.

    BTW, those photos weren’t taken using a Canon digital camera. I took them with my Sanyo Xacti DSC-J1—but, of course, using the techniques the Canon guys taught us. 🙂

  4. Nice photos. ^^ Specially because I love that your subjects are plants. 😛 That reminds me, I want to take photos too, only via a digicam. I just edit them on Photoshop so I can achieve some effects. *cheater*

    I bet you enjoyed and learned a lot from that event. I am happy for you. ^^

  5. Yeah, yeah. Great pictures. At least you have a camera that great. 🙂

    I’ve always had interest in photography, but I never had a chance of really being a “photographer,” save for the pictures I randomly take.

    Haha, nosebleed ba talaga? 😀

  6. ayaw ko mg-english bka matulad ako sau na nag nose bleed *winx* gleng, hanga ako! ms msrap cguro mgtake ng pix kng mgleng ka sa mga bgay2:p congratz seo:p

  7. hey i didn’t know you’re into photography already!

    cool B-)

  8. great shots! Photography has always been in my list of to-work-on inclinations. But it’s too darn costly at times! lol

    anyways, thanks for visiting my site. I just the Google guys would happen to drop by or get wind of my suggestion about tuning their adsense to better understand Filipino-written posts/content. it would be a great help for us Pinoy techies, webmasters and bloggers!

    Nice site you got here by the way, added you in my blogroll already.