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An Appeal to Globe Subscribers

Globe Telecom has raised the UNLIMITXT service charges they require of their subscribers since today. From PHP 10[1] to PHP 20 per day, the rebranded service UNLITXT with the doubled rates frustrated a lot of subscribers given the fact that they weren’t warned even a couple of days before the implementation of such scheme.

I was one of those frustrated, surprised customers.

My girlfriend and I have always been registering for the service at almost the same time. Yesterday was the end of our five-day registration last time. Since it was almost midnight, we put off registering for another five days to today. But when we did register during noontime earlier, we were surprised to have received a different response from the service. It wasn’t the type that postpones the registration for later because of server overload. The message so long it could not be contained in a single message looked like the spam they always send us. But, I read it anyway….

They’ve changed a lot about their service—from UNLIMITXT to just UNLITXT; from 50 Pesos for five days to 80 for just four. And, they added time-based unlimited texting packages such as UNLITXTD or UNLITXTN corresponding to day and night, respectively.

Now, who the hell is so trustworthy enough that just pops out without warning and tells you to pay more than what you used to? No one. Even Globe shouldn’t be an exception.

People thought they received just rumors about Globe’s increased rates. But, they weren’t rumors as I told my friends. Please take note that many people changed their numbers to Globe since they put their UNLIMITXT promo to a regular service—count me and my girlfriend in. But we’re dusting our old Sun SIM cards for tomorrow since Globe’s shitful of services are robbing us off of our money.

I ask of you to do the same. Not only for two to three weeks just like what’s spreading through SMS—they would just wait that off until people start registering again. We should hold them back until they lower their prices again.

Globe has better signal, thus, better service than Sun. That doesn’t mean they should increase their pricing so surprisingly exorbitant—their prices weren’t even at par with Sun in the first place. Why can’t they keep their prices where they were? I know they know its easier to get a lot more customers with better pricing. But, now that they did with the former prices of their service, they shouldn’t think we’d stay with them now that they increased them so suddenly.

Now, if you feel the same way, please let people know by posting similar entries to your blogs and commenting on each other’s posts. Petitions could go a long way as long as there are lots of support and publicity.

Update: I have finally found a petition site for the rollback of Globe’s UNLIMITXT rates. Sign the petition to roll back Globe UNLIMITXT pricing!


  1. ^ with the five-day plan worth PHP 50

PayPal for Philippines Initialized

Support Paypal for the Philippines Just two days ago, I’ve signed up for the PayPal Now! advocacy for the availability of PayPal to Filipinos thinking that the widely used online money transfer service would be beneficial to me and all other Filipino Web designers/developers who are into freelancing.

The guys from PayPal heard us. Now, our wishes came true! Well, partially …

I’ve just got news from the PayPal Now! Blog that PayPal would be offering a limited send-only service to Philippine customers. That’s a start. But we want more!

Hmm … might as well erase that first. *scratches off the our wishes came true part*

Add your signature on the list!

Note: Read the article from the PayPal Now! Blog (link above) for more information.

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Ignition Afterparty

Last Sunday night, the UST Engineering Student Council held an acquaintance party entitled Ignition: A Blast to 100! The party featured dance numbers from the Engineering Dance Troupe, the ESC Executive Board, the organization presidents and the ESC Adviser, Sir Butch Carbonell. Other performers include the Engineering One Voice, a comedian-slash-comedienne, and popular local bands such as Sugarfree and Urbandub, among others.

ESC Web and Technical Committee Being one of the organizers of the party, I became tired even just midway through the night as I was stationed at the second level of the venue for the control of the technical stuff such as presentation shows, and lights and sounds. My feet almost killed me running up and down the stairs just to make sure everything goes according to plan. I even did some spontaneous non-technical stuff such as carrying food from the parking lot outside to the backstage inside for other staff and for the bands.

Nonetheless, there were benefits of being an organizer as well. [even though the huge number of people squeezing their way from point A to point B did make steps worse] For one, I have accessed the backstage for some photographs and autographs from Ebe of Sugarfree and Urbandub. Here's my Organizer ID signed by Ebe. And, I was spared of my 200 bucks for a ticket to the party.

My so-called afterparty was not that good though. The one supposed to drop me off at my house was picked up by his parents, ergo no car to drive on his own. I couldn’t commute alone at midnight for about 2 hours feeling tired and sleepy—I’d wake up naked in the middle of nowhere then. Good thing Kuya Bert let me stay at his and his friends’ apartment for the night. But before that happened, of course we couldn’t leave the head organizer of the party alone in the dark waiting for his ride to pick him and his stuff up, so we waited … and waited … and waited until the ride came at about 2:30 in the morning. And we arrived about 3 o’clock at Kuya Bert’s apartment. ‘Twas the first time I’ve slept at a friend’s house—I didn’t even have clothes to change to for the next morning. But still, sleep was so great and I woke up being able to feel my legs.

I still haven’t collected all the photos I was in from my friends, so just watch out for updates on my Flickr album. [I didn’t want to be a theif’s eye candy bringing my digital camera with me when I will just be riding public transportation to go to the party more than 20 kilometers away from my home.] So, I just borrowed from whoever brought one. 🙂

Update (1 September 2006) : View all photos on my Flickr Ignition set.