The Second Browser War Round 2

Upgrade to Firefox 2 Now! Though Windows Internet Explorer 7 came out earlier than Mozilla Firefox 2 for about a couple of weeks, I could not help but to announce that my favorite Web browser just released its second major update. But do not forget Opera 9 as it offers a faster and lighter browser for someone who would just want to surf the Web.

The browser wars have just stepped up to the next level. For now, here are some comparisons with my own opinions and rankings:

Web Standards Compliance

  1. Firefox 2 and Opera 9

    Though Opera 9 has been the only browser on the Windows platform to pass the WaSP Acid2 test, Firefox 2 is the only browser to ever support JavaScript 1.7. Both have considerable support for Web standards on XHTML and CSS under most circumstances (as Acid2 tests for uncommonly used standards support).

  2. Internet Explorer 7

    They say that they have improved support for standards on Internet Explorer 7 but when I test sites that break on Internet Explorer 6, they still break on version 7. Besides, support for the proper XHTML media type, application/xhtml+xml, would cause Internet Explorer 7 (as well as earlier versions) to look for an external application that supports it.

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  1. Firefox 2

    With so many user-contributed addons, from Web development tools, custom toolbars and multimedia entertainment addons to usability, accessibility and Web services integration tools, the possibilities are endless.

  2. Internet Explorer 7

    The only thing that I think would work on Internet Explorer 7 is the ability to add custom toolbars which are usually from search engine and portal companies such as Google and Yahoo!

  3. Opera 9

    I really do not know how we could customize Opera though its suite of applications such as a good download manager, mail/newsgroups and BitTorrent clients all in a lightweight package contribute to its popularity.

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  1. Firefox 2 and Opera 9

    I haven’t researched much about the security differences of both these browsers, but I know since the majority of users are using Internet Explorer (with the automatic update to 7 on the start of November) they are more likely to be targetted that way. Both have good popup blockers and Firefox 2 has a phishing checker.

  2. Internet Explorer 7

    Still is the most widely used (or will be with automatic updates) browser and the most vulnerable to attacks. Though the integration with Windows has been cut off, support for ActiveX controls remains as an opt-in feature. It’s much better than Internet Explorer 6 though. It has a popup blocker and it has (currently) a better phishing checker than Firefox 2 has, according to some site. (I can’t seem to find the link right now, to be posted as an edit later.)

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Page Load

  1. Firefox 2 and Opera 9

    Based on my experience, both of these browsers load pages faster than Internet Explorer 7 though I still haven’t compared them to one another.

  2. Internet Explorer 7

    Even with Internet Explorer 6, whenever I switch from Firefox to Internet Explorer (for Web page layout rendering), the latter would load a page slower. I think the phishing checker of Internet Explorer 7 made it worse as it always waits for it to finish (and it’s not that fast) before starting to load a page.

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System Performance

  1. Opera 9

    Loads up on your system much faster than Firefox 2 though I still haven’t compared it to Internet Explorer 7 for they are both perceivably fast to load on my system.

  2. Internet Explorer 7

    Loads up faster than Firefox 2 though the Scobleizer says that it consumes more memory than Firefox 2 without even finishing to load the same pages Firefox 2 has. The Lifehacker also published another comparison.

  3. Firefox 2

    Loads for the longest time compared to the other two but the said reason for this is the different language used to render its chrome to provide support for its themes/skins. It also receives criticisms for high memory usage.

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  1. Firefox 2

    Cleanest and simplest interface [but with elegant looking buttons] to get you started surfing right away. Just lacks the default new tab button to familiarize new users with tabbed browsing though it can be added with toolbar customization. It’s skinnable as well.

  2. Opera 9

    Feels very much like a standard Web browser interface [as with Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 6] though some search boxes are more suitable for Web shoppers rather than the average Web surfer or Web developer. It also offers color schemes to suit every user’s taste.

  3. Internet Explorer 7

    Very compact, works without a menu bar, but just plain confusing with a very far stop and refresh button especially when you are used to Internet Explorer 6—users could be more familiar with Firefox 2 and/or Opera 9 this way.

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Other Features

  1. Firefox 2 and Opera 9

    I could not seem to summarize them all, just take a look at the Mozilla Firefox 2 features page and the Opera 9 features page.

  2. Internet Explorer 7

    It features many things that makes it better compared to Internet Explorer 6 than to Firefox 2 and Opera 9 since both the latter browsers offer these features new to Internet Explorer 7. The complete list can be found on the Internet Explorer 7 features page.

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7 responses to “The Second Browser War Round 2”

  1. IE7, is leaps and bounds better than its predecessor, but it still falls behind Opera and Firefox. For me, Firefox wins hands down.

  2. Dang, I wish your web site looks in Internet Explorer as great as it does in Mozilla Firefox. I hate hate hate hate IE! And really, you’re sounding like the geek that you are, hehe. Peace! I can’t update yet (the blog and our favorite browser). The phone line’s been dead for almost a week now. 🙁

    By the way, I can’t seem to find out why Opera is a little bit slow in our computer.

  3. well, for me, firefox is still the best.. i upgraded my firefox version yesterday and i found some interesting extensions, just like fireFTP.

    as for ie, it sucks! oh, i still haven’t tried opera.

  4. Nifty. 🙂

    I’m with Ade, Shari and Xtian. Firefox rox my sox!

    IE blows. Opera is so-so, but FF is still the best.

    Anyhoo, thanks for blog crashing. Come back anytime!

  5. been using firefox 2 for a couple of days. what i love the most with FF2 is the spellchecker feature. being a one big bad speller i need this feature big time. but it eats up alot of memory when spell check is on. also, firefox 2 has a little compatibility problems with regards to skins. I’ve downloaded about 10 skins for my firefox 1.5 before but firefox 2 can isnt compatible with most of it. about 9. hehe. so Noia extreme lang ang natira.

    firefox also doesnt display some of the blogs right.

  6. Aha, that’s why I like using the beta version of Firefox 2. Spellchecker, hehe. Anyways, Aja, I’ve heard that Firefox 2 has some nasty bugs. Confirm mo naman po sa akin; I still haven’t upgraded kasi sira pa rin yung phone. Thanks. 😀

  7. @Shari:

    Don’t mind that comment about Firefox 2. She told us herself that, MSN has also been acting up lately, as well as my whole computer in general (freezing, lagging, etc).

    I haven’t got problems with Firefox 2 even when it is still in beta. Maybe she just needs to scan for malware infections or do a reformat.