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I’m sorry, I just have to rant about this.

Don’t get me wrong—I have nothing against Marc Macalua‘s Philippine SEO Contest dubbed Ituloy Angsulong, even though I really do not know the purpose of having a certain key-phrase pointing to your Web site where that phrase isn’t even about what you passionately blog. But the prize money is so good, I have even thought of joining the first contest (Isulong SEOPH), though I was ineligible for they do not accept the participation of those using old domain names.

From my understanding, the goal of the contest is to produce the top ranking page on the SERPs of Google, Yahoo! and MSN search engines with the term Ituloy Angsulong. Sounds easy, right? I thought about ways to win it for no reason at all [since I am not participating]. Then it came to me that with WordPress, one of the most used blogging platforms to date, automatically including rel="nofollow" on comment links, and the fact that I don’t participate in public forums makes it really hard [at least] for me to win it. Another thing is my hatred for spam that I most probably won’t comment with the key-phrase unless it is on topic.

Now, why would someone comment on one of my non-SEO related entries with the term Ituloy Angsulong linking to their contest entry URI? I guess it’s someone who’s so desperate to win. It seems to me that no one else hates spam more than I do. I’m thankful Akismet really knows spam—even if it is made by real people. Aren’t there rules about the contest not to spam anyone? Just a thought. I hope Marc Macalua could answer me with this. Please note that I check my Akismet spam list at least five times a day. Oh, I’m so glad it caught yours! Yes, I’m talking to you, Marhgil Macuha.

If you still can’t figure how Akismet knew what to block then you’re really a dumb ass. It’s spam—not the one I love to eat.


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  1. Currently talking with you about this. And agreeing.

    I swear, for the first time since I’ve installed Akismet, it actually caught a spam.

    rel="nofollow" is brutal, but times like this, I’m actually thankful it exists.

  2. It’s quite tempting to join, but right from the start, I know I will not win at my current SEO skill levels, resources and time.

    Fortunately, no one who’s joined the contest has spammed my blog or asked for links back to their entry pages or sites.

    The rules are pretty much open to whatever kind of techniques the participants may use. (last I remember) so we have ethics and conscience to help Akismet in keeping our blogs spam-free from the contest participants.

  3. […] PS. It has come to my attention that someone got pissed off for spamming his blog. Hehehe. Ok, I’m sorry. If asking for a link exchange in your blog is considered spamming, then, I’m guilty as charged. Again, I’m sorry. Peace! […]

  4. Eh. Agreed. I actually used to get comments from people named “Isulong SEOPH” – you know, the first SEO contest. And they’re usually one-liners, like, “Wow! Nice page!” Ew, go away.

  5. Akismet rules! Pasensya na Aja sa mga spammers. You can always delete spammy replies anyway. Sa blog ko, I removed the URL input box and added a captcha plugin para walang mag post ng spam and also the ever dependable akismet. πŸ™‚

  6. Aja, pasensya na. Like what I’ve said, I’m guilty as charged. Sorry pare.

  7. Ayos lang po. Sana lang naintindihan nating lahat na hindi lahat ng tao nakato-tolerate ng spammy comments lalo na’t kung sa post mismo na off topic nilagay. Kung sa tagboard (kung meron man ako) mas maiintindihan ko pa since walang specific topic duon. πŸ™‚

  8. Akismet, along with the Bad Behavior plugin makes an effective anti-spam fighting solution.

    Bad Behaviour should be your first line of defence as it stops the malicious script/bot from accessing your blog in the first place, whereas Akismet just filter through the comments that have already been submitted to your blog. Bad Behaviour won’t even allow it. It’s quite stable now, the latest version – so far, no false positives. Really great.

  9. I remember some people talking about Isulong SEOPH and participating. I never really got interested in what it was all about.

    I’ve had a lot of problems with spam before. Akismet saves the day one blog at a time.

  10. ArenÒ€ℒt there rules about the contest not to spam anyone? Just a thought. I hope Marc Macalua could answer me with this.

    I hate spam as much as you do… but think about the “spam, you’re disqualified” rule for a minute…and then think about all the different possibilities…

    and re: nofollow, the jury’s still out on that one πŸ™‚

    btw do you do WP themes?

  11. Oh now that you mentioned, think about all the different possibilities… I thought it would really be hard for you to catch spam on other people’s blogs. I get it now, Marc. πŸ™‚

    Yes, I do WP themes—but only on my very free times.

  12. I am contemplating on switching to WordPress; however, I noticed that the edited words or sentences remained where it was; merly crossed off with he edit version alongside it. I wonder f there’s an option to over ride this.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.


  13. Señor Enrique, are you referring to the “versions list” on my homepage? Of course you can omit/commit words totally in WordPress. I just marked them with <del> and <ins> so that readers would know that something has been changed at a glance. You’ll have complete control with WP, that was just my way of doing things, specifically when editing.

  14. john king Avatar
    john king

    An interesting contest. but I agree with what your saying. getting a site or page to the top of a term is the same as spamming. would it still be spam if they used really worth while comments. what if they commented on sites but then started using this that link but with a worth while comment. well in any case this is a thin line.