Is Yahoo! under attack?



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I could not get onto Yahoo! Messenger right this moment. Even Yahoo! Mail and Web Messenger wouldn’t load. With only a few Yahoo! services I make use of,[1] the only thing I could currently load is the homepage.

I was thinking about a localized network issue on my part since PLDT myDSL has had a lot of negative feedback from subscribers.[2] But my cousin from another city just got online on Gmail with Chat/Google Talk, and though he is on the same provider, I could confirm this isn’t an isolated issue. Unless of course the whole of PLDT’s network couldn’t resolve a connection to select Yahoo! servers.

So, I thought: Is Yahoo! under attack? It is, basically, on a distributed network of servers. So I could think that only the mail and messaging servers were targeted with DoS attacks. Could anybody confirm this?

Losing a heavily used communications tool is much of a hassle for someone like me especially at these times of night. And all those cyber crime in TV shows and news articles I’ve read just fuels my h4x0r imagination.

Ohhhkay. The moment I hit “Publish”, Messenger popped-out having just signed on again. That was weird, but the 2½-hour downtime is still something considering Yahoo! is a very large Internet corporation. So I still ask: Was Yahoo! attacked? Or should I consider changing my Internet Service Provider now? ๐Ÿ˜›

  1. ^ Those two mentioned above, Messenger and Mail.
  2. ^ Though I am still 95% positive about the service I am getting.


7 responses to “Is Yahoo! under attack?”

  1. I read several posts by members of PBS (Pinoyblogosphere) complaining about this issue. The thing is, most of the ones experiencing it are from the Philippines and haven’t heard any issues experienced by users here in the US or other places other then Philippines.

    Good to see you blogging again. I myself was on a month-long hiatus and I only got back to blogging a couple days ago. Have a good weekend Aja! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. It was probably another ISP issue, I guess. *sigh* I was just surprised only Yahoo! websites were affected. Usually when ISP troubles occur, everything is down, with sometimes an exception of sites visited using its bare IP address. (In that case, name servers were to blame.)

  3. acnerdz Avatar

    PLDT ips yata ang affected dito.

  4. arthritisguy Avatar

    parang bumagal nga ang PLDT

  5. adetoxy Avatar

    i think wala na yang problema na yan ngayon. fixed na yata.

  6. i dont think yahoo was attacked. what you experienced might be from your provider.

  7. I’ve never encountered anything like that from Yahoo.