My new baby, Azusa



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Ever since Asus’ announcement of the Eee PC, I was interested to buy one, since I really need a replacement notebook for my display-dead Compaq Presario v2000, which is now on desktop mode connected to a much cheaper (PHP 10,000) external Samsung 19″ wide-screen LCD than a replacement (PHP 13,000~20,000) 14″ built-in one.

I actually bought one the moment an 8G galaxy black model came out on the US. That was early April this year, but my aunt who lives there had filled up the box meant to be sent here just about the end of May. Anyway, I’m just glad I’ve finally gotten a hold of my new baby I named Azusa the 23rd of July. That was almost 4 months of waiting. The Eee PC 90x is already out in some parts of the world. T_T

Final set up

She was so named from being an Asus laptop and a certain fictional high school teacher from a 1998 Japanese television drama played by the beautiful Nanako Matsushima.

I was planning to experiment which operating system I could use to replace its custom Xandros-based Linux distro that I find a little bit restrictive. I’m thinking Ubuntu Eee, but suggestions are very welcome.

Right now, I’m making this entry from Azusa herself. I hope, now that I’m confirmed as a camper for the upcoming WordCamp Philippines 2008, there would be free Internet access that I may enjoy on-site blogging.

I guess I’d review my Eee PC experience during the past 3 ½ days:

I was actually surprised how well it receives Wi-Fi signals from my router about 15 meters away from our living room, even my uncle is having a hard time with Wi-Fi on his Toshiba Satellite.

It is actually not so hard to type on this little keyboard, I just hope I could find a way to convert the input method to Dvorak Simplified Keyboard layout (one thing that makes me want to get rid of its custom Xandros-based Linux). It just bothers me with the lack of independent Home, End, PgUp and PgDn buttons, which are mapped to Fn+, Fn+, Fn+ and Fn+, respectively.

I couldn’t actually feel I’m on a sub-GHz Celeron processor right now—it boots up really quickly. Probably, if I’ve loaded this with a Microsoft OS, it would be a bit more sluggish.

Certain applications are somehow hidden from normal view, I wish I could create shortcuts for the text editor, terminal/console app, and a lot more customizations and settings.

Well, that’s it for now. More reviews later when I finally have time to experiment and do more stuff with my first ever product of blogging for money. Next stop? A digital single-lens reflex camera. ๐Ÿ™‚


3 responses to “My new baby, Azusa”

  1. ay ay, nang-stereotype ng windows. mabilis din siya dun.madali lang tanggalin at ikabit yung keys.tapos ano, pwede siya i-overclock hanggang 1Ghz.

    Buknoy yung akin, xD

  2. Haha. Siguro nga nagstereotype ako, pero gusto ko talaga ng Linux system. Hindi ko magawa sa ibang PC dito sa bahay ‘un dahil ginagamit din ng family ko ‘ung mga PC dito, kaya naka-dual-boot na defaults to Windows XP. Pero tingin mo Vista Basic mabilis pa rin dito? Wala pa ata akong nakitang Vista machine na mabilis. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Hi daw kay Buknoy, sabi ni Azusa. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Joe Webb Avatar
    Joe Webb

    I switched to ubuntu-eee (not eeebuntu) and it has been working very well. I installed from a CD drive. There is a problem getting it to shutdown properly and the fix is well documented online. I have CrossOver Linux running with Microsoft Office 2000 and it is handling things flawlessly. My Skype install went very well, and the camera is working. I really recommend it.