Tag: analysis

  • On Nofollow, Spam and Plugins

    When the search engine giant Google announced that it would implement the rel=”nofollow” directive on its crawlers, most people had hopes it would be the end of comment spam, most especially when search competitors Yahoo! and MSN expressed support for the microformat as well. But, has this initiative from Google done its job?

  • Giving Up on Social Bookmarking

    Most of the time when I go scouring the Web for interesting articles, I see more or less than a dozen link icons to those sites within the blog entries. But, I ask myself: Do I really need to place all these links just for users to select which one they’d prefer to use?

  • ABS-CBN should timestamp their news

    For those students who want to have a little break off from school: If you’ve read a news from the ABS-CBN News Website and followed it, you’d be marked absent tomorrow.