ABS-CBN should timestamp their news

For those students who want to have a little break off from school: If you’ve read this news, which has been circulating as a reference during this past hours, you’d be happy. Of course, what you will be reading is the declaration of no classes on a Friday, which states no date on any part of the article, and no more. But if you follow the said declaration, you’d be marked absent tomorrow. Here are the reasons why:

  1. There’s no date when the article was posted nor a date when the suspension of classes should take place.
  2. At the end of the article, it stated that The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), meanwhile, gathered an additional 300 soldiers to augment crowd-control units for the 20th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution.—meaning it was posted last February.
  3. And another thing, if you look at the StoryId on the URI and compare it with a more recent news’ StoryID, you’d notice that there should be 13,487 more articles between what’s posted in 7:51 AM (the time the article was posted) and today‘s 4:07 PM.

I admit I was scammed after a student council officer told me there really will be no classes for tomorrow. But, I was still skeptic about the article because of those things I’ve mentioned above. You be the judge. By the way, if you really want the proper guidance about the classes for tomorrow, read the article from INQ7.net.

ABS-CBN should really timestamp and datestamp their news.


3 responses to “ABS-CBN should timestamp their news”

  1. I was trying to access the link you mentioned and there I read the article, but when i went back to the home page and tried to access it again, there appeared a different news article though it was related to bagyong Florita, but was definitely (and correctly) written sometime today. Maybe their articles just got messed up or something.. At any rate, they must always be fully conscious of putting timestamps in all of their news articles to provide more accurate information to the public.

  2. actually not just them but INQ7’s YOU website as well should timestamp their articles. Gamers are now confused about a 2004 World of Warcraft article.


  3. Ok, that too. 😛

    I haven’t been into Warcraft or such games nowadays that I haven’t come across that article or maybe even INQ7’s YOU.