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  • Energy Conversion Starts Making Sense

    I just came to realize that my most hated subject at the moment, EE204: Energy Conversion, in which I have flunked my exams 2 out of 2, would be useful to me as an aspiring Electronics Engineer. At first, as an ECE student, I thought I’m not going to need this course since I’m not planning to specialize in electric power generation that EEs should be doing.

  • The Aftermath

    Two dreadful things happened within two weeks. The aftermaths could still be bigger than what I think they are right now. Hopefully, they wouldn’t be …

  • The Weekend

    So many things, much of it was through … Hell week finished? Not quite yet!

  • A Bloody Good Souvenir

    Not from a field trip — but one I’d really remember. 😛

  • On Writing

    Let out the thoughts inside you! That thing, Literature made sure I do …