I’ve been recently watching DVD re-re-runs (sic) of “destiny” films (specifically, Serendipity and My Sassy Girl) these past few weeks. They topped my hit chart almost instantaneously. I also remembered watching years ago an Asian film entitled: Love on a Diet, which also has a similar meeting–parting–meeting-again setup. This kind of movie really draws out the soft side in me, or rather the dreamy part of me.

Now, on to the topic:

Destiny — something, or rather someone we all look forward to. It builds us dreams and hopes that another person is bound to be with us for the rest of our lives. Oh, it’s so good.

So, what if you found somebody and fell for her? But, destiny gets in the way. Yes, (it is obvious that) I believe in destiny. I also believe it tears hearts apart, wrecks peoples lives, shatters hopes and dreams for a person they thought was their destiny — just like what happens in the movies, without the happy ending. Ugh. It’s so sad.

But I make my own destiny.

So, if you are reading this, let me just tell the whole world:

I’d make my destiny with you. 🙂

It’s all about choices.


13 responses to “Destiny”

  1. I love you..

  2. I love you, too… *blush*

  3. yayness! kiligan portion naman dito!

  4. yiheeeeeeeeee! wala lang! thanks for giving me an idea. hehehe

  5. Oxienne: Ehehe… *speechless*

    Ate Lei: Anong idea yon? Wala lang… Anyway, no problem! 🙂

  6. nakz naman. in fairness. i’ll make my own destiny din. 😉 ang galing mo nga palang magwebdesign ha. kainggit. mageece din ako pag nagaral na ko. haha. parang OSY. =))

  7. Wow! Ehehe… I really didn’t expect someone would still comment on my very old post… Thanks for the compliment! Btw, what is OSY? 😀

  8. eViL tHirD Avatar
    eViL tHirD

    destiny?…ayaw ko dun sa may destiny sa kin…
    very bad experience with that word destiny…hehehe…kung alam mo lang kung ano yun…hehehe…

  9. Ehehe… Ikwento mo nga! LOLx 😆

    Baka naman kasi ikaw na mismo ang nagpa-pangit ng experience mo dun sa “destined” sa’yo… Choice mo naman kasi yun eh… Good luck na lang sa future!

  10. OSY = Out of school youth. Parang ako. 😀

    I linked you na nga pala. 🙂

  11. Oh, i get it. 😀

    Ahm… Thanks! I-li-link narin kita… 🙂

  12. eViL tHirD Avatar
    eViL tHirD

    cra! cya yung yung nagsabi na ako yung destiny nya. hindi po ako.

  13. Ibig ko sabihin, choice mo kung gusto mo ngang maging ka-destiny yun… Wala akong sinasabing ikaw ang nagsabi… Kaya nga naka-quote eh…