Category: Dreams

  • Nothing Could Stop a Dreamer

    I’ve watched this animation a long time ago, but after I saw a recent Multiply entry about some inspirational video from a friend, I just remembered it right away. I searched for it and found it on YouTube. Now, what do you think of it?

  • Back to School

    It isn’t the start of the semester or the academic year, but it sure feels like it as numerous school activities, weather mis-forecasts, and just the regular weekends got packed into one hell of a vacation I might as well call a weekendless.

  • Cross-browser testing, yet again

    Internet Explorer 7 would stay the same until its final release. Will IE developers come close to what standards-compliant browser developers have done the whole time it was stagnant with updates? I dream …

  • Big Brother

    This is not about a television series! This is about me — longing for something impossible …

  • Destiny

    How can we be sure that that someone is really our destiny? I think I know how …