Nothing Could Stop a Dreamer

I’ve watched this animation a long time ago, but after I saw a recent Multiply entry about some inspirational video from a friend, I just remembered it right away.[1] I searched for it and found it on YouTube.

I do not know how this may touch you, but I felt a mix of inspiration and heartbreak at the same time, with tears filling up my eyes,[2] after I’ve watched the following video as it came to its end.

Watch Kiwi! on YouTube

What do you think of it? I think I should start nailing trees to a cliff right away. I know I will eventually come to my end, but I would have reached my dream anyway.

Kudos to Dony Permedi for this great thesis animation.


  1. ^ I didn’t watched my friend’s video, I searched for the one I remembered right away.
  2. ^ I didn’t actually cry.


5 responses to “Nothing Could Stop a Dreamer”

  1. grabe, thanks so much for sharing, natuwa ako and natouch! ang cute pa ni kiwi

  2. *looks foolish*

    ^ I didn’t actually cry.

    I did.

  3. [quote comment=”12061″]*looks foolish*

    > ^ I didn’t actually cry.

    I did.[/quote]

    Me too. =( *sniffs*

  4. uhhh…

    Nothing Could Stop a Dreamer…..talaga!!


    ang cute ni KIWI!! =)

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