Cross-browser testing, yet again

I have read about Internet Explorer 7: Beta 2 Preview the day after it was released [20th of March]. The developers say it is rendering-behavior complete so I downloaded it to test my pages for rendering issues but it seemed to be having trouble detecting my Internet connection that I ditched it immediately hoping it to be better on the final release. Also, my father always had trouble dealing with new software, especially web browsers, so I really did not consider it staying installed in my PC because he still uses IE6 instead of the system’s default Firefox browser [which is also because of his lack of adaptive skills on browsers] that if IE7 was installed it will technically be a new browser to get used to.

I have just discovered earlier this morning a way to use IE7 as a standalone browser. I was happy that I would not have to install it again to replace IE6, therefore, enabling me to cross-browser test with four different browsers — four different rendering engines [i.e., Firefox, Opera, IE6 and IE7].

But, now that I have the new MSIE7 [prefixed for unambiguity] with improved native rendering features, testing it on my web site proved it still doesn’t come near to what Dean Edwards has done with JavaScript on his IE7 “plugin” for browsers prior to the real MSIE7. Needless to say, I still have to hack my CSS or at least get Dean’s IE7’s content-generating module to work on MSIE7 for this web site uses a lot of content-generation from CSS to improve readability especially with lists.

*sigh* So much for a hack-free Web every standards advocate dreams to come very soon.

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7 responses to “Cross-browser testing, yet again”

  1. Innit funny? I’m also having a hard time commenting on this entry of yours. =P

    Oh well, wish you good luck on your future IE adventures!

  2. Ehehe … I really didn’t think many of my friends would appreciate this entry. Many thanks for the comment and the good luck!

  3. pakiramdam ko sobrang OC mo sa coding… XHTML STRICT pa and doctype mo.. haay o ako lang ang pabaya sa codes ko? kulang ata borswer mo? nde mo ba tinatry sa netscape navigator? hehe 😛

  4. Sa tingin ko nga OC ako sa coding. Ehehe …

    Well, kung Netscape Browser (8.x) lang din, hindi na kailangan kasi based din yun sa Mozilla Firefox at switchable Gecko/Trident rendering engine ang gamit niya [which are the rendering engines for Mozilla/Firefox and Internet Explorer, respectively].

  5. honestly di ko nabasa buong entry. sorry. hehe. nagmamadali lang. pero ayun. ininstall ko yang ie7 na yan dun sa isang cpu. ok lang. maganda yung itsura. pero mas gusto ko pa rin firefox. :/ hehe

    kamusta na pala yung domain name? hehe

  6. Ehehe … Ayus lang. Mas gusto ko pa rin talaga ang Firefox kahit na marami na ring features ang IE7 [na ‘di pa rin naman aabot sa dami ng features ng Fx]. Hinding hindi parin kasi niya kuha ang mga magagandang CSS2.1 implementation kahit na sabi niya [ng developers ng IE] na naimplementa na raw nila most of the W3C CSS2.1 Specification.

  7. ‘Yung sa domain nga pala, wala pa rin akong maisip na maganda. Ehehe … Comment ka po sa entry na ‘yun para dumami ang idea. Salamat!