Tag: beta

  • Firefox 3 Gran Paradiso Beta

    I’ve been waiting for this version’s release months ago. But since I haven’t much time understanding code, and trying to help determine bugs and fixes to trunk/development builds, I opted to wait for its more stable beta release. The only problem is that my computer is out of reach during weekdays. Tough luck.

  • Safari 3 Beta for Windows

    Last time when I was reviewing new releases of Windows Web browsers, I was hoping I could get my hands on a Mac—or at least the money to buy one—so I could review Safari as well. But, I don’t think I would be drooling for it any sooner.

  • Gmail for My Domain

    Ever since I’ve received my first invite to beta test Gmail, I’ve been using it as my primary email—now I can use it for my domain!

  • Fast Pace in Slow Motion

    I have a new layout, everybody. Obviously.

  • Cross-browser testing, yet again

    Internet Explorer 7 would stay the same until its final release. Will IE developers come close to what standards-compliant browser developers have done the whole time it was stagnant with updates? I dream …