Fast Pace in Slow Motion

I have a new layout, everybody. Obviously. I hope this one wouldn’t turn out dull like the second version. I have a reason for that static title, maybe I’ll tell you a little later. I’ve done this for four weeks. Yes, four weeks! I got so busy with many things but fortunately, one [this] is finished. Now, I have more time for the others.

This is somehow broken in Internet Explorer. And, I am in no mood for hacking CSS yet again for that pesky browser. Get Firefox! I’ve been telling you for years! The upcoming Windows IE7, which is already downloadable in Beta, is still no match for it—at least for me.

There are a few somethings still lacking from this Web site. Just as a checklist, it includes:

Maybe I’d just post the story behind the title in the Site Information page. I really can’t think right and write right right now. See? 😆


9 responses to “Fast Pace in Slow Motion”

  1. how about changing my picture? hahaha. i hate that! palit palit palit! hehehe. :p

    the layout is nice. simple but nice. at may chuva chuva ka pang nasa side ang comments ah. =p

    at andami mo talagang chenes na gustong gawin. goodluck! hehe. 😛

    i hate IE! lalo na 7. di ko mauninstall. peste. hehe. wala yung file para mauninstall. wala din sa add/remove programs. di din pwede system restore. huhuhuhu. kaya tuloy di naguupdate yung mcaffee ko. 🙁 peste. hehe. pati yun nga. magandang tignan sa firefox, sabog sa IE. tsk tsk

  2. Well, thanks, Nicole!

    And … I’ve changed your pic already. 🙂

  3. grabeh ha!! super love ko orange and black!!! hangkyut!!! ganda ganda naman!! and super techy ah!! ala ako masabi, hehehe ^__^

    chaca naaliw ako sa dates na nasa box!! hehe, angkyut din!! astig talaga website mo super!!!

  4. huy ang ganda netong layout.. kesa dun sa isa… nakaka antok kaya yung dati.. ahaha! pero eto oks na oks na.. wooahhh… bagay sa personalidad mo.. ONLINE.. hee hee nde naman kita kilala personal. so yeah.. sana may madagdag pang pampabuhay dugo. wakoko. oi nga pala. grabe ka wala ka pang link button.. pinaka madaling gawin hinde mo pa magawa.

  5. hee hee.. pahabol. ang ganda talaga…

  6. naliligaw ako sa site mo aba at nasa gilid pa ang comment form! hmph!

    pero ayos to ah mas may buhay! wohoo!! at may plug-ins pa na up for grabs! grabe ka talaga AJA!!! wohooo!!

  7. uhmm. hello po! thanks nga pala sa mga tags nyo sa site ko dati! laking tulong sa firefox! thankz! im back na po sa aking blog! hihi.. tc!

  8. JoeAnne70 Avatar

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