A Role Model

Earlier tonight, I’ve finished watching GTO Live Action series my sister and I borrowed from our uncle. Even if I had already watched this whole series one day years ago, I, still, was really entertained by everything he did in those 12 episodes (spanning nine hours) of comedy and drama. I’ve even finished watching the GTO Live Action Drama Special — a special sequel to the series — and the GTO Live Action Movie, which is not connected to the series.

I really do not know how he does it (or at least how he thinks about things) but I really am amazed on how he recovers from every trial prejudice and first impressions bring him. What makes me wonder more is that how he could be so right and so wrong at the same time (of course, with more emphasis on the right deeds). I don’t plan to be a teacher but Eikichi is one person I’d really look forward to be in the future, less the foul mouth and crudity. 😛

Now, I really wish I could do to my girlfriend what he did to impress and make Miss Fuyutsuki fall in love with him … It was impressively pure of heart.

GTL: Great Teacher Lapus — Doesn’t sound right, does it? 😆


5 responses to “A Role Model”

  1. Nakakabilib kaya yang si Onizuka~ pinanood ko yung anime version niyan, nakakaaliw! Hindi ko pa napapanood yung live action series, pero base sa reviews and comments na nabasa ko, maganda naman talaga. Saludo din ako kay Onizuka-sensei!

    GTL? Ahahahaha…. nako grabe, kakabagan na ako kakatawa!

  2. Ehehe … Ang yabang! LOL

    I shouldn’t have written that. 😛

    Anyway, ako naman, yung animé ang ‘di ko pa napanood. 🙂

  3. im not aware of that anime series because im not that fond of animes to begin with, i think the only show i’ve watched before was fushigi yuugi. and at times, i get to watch slam dunk too, but im not much of a fan. 🙂

    it’s so sweet of you to wish good things for your girlfriend. aww, how i wish Jacob would do the same thing to me too….. hmm…

  4. yihee! talagang dapat may pampakilig? hehehe!

  5. I haven’t watched the animé yet. What I had was the Live Action series which was made before the animé series.

    BTW, thanks for the compliment. But, still, I haven’t thought of something to do. (What Eikichi did is a little bit extreme for me.) 😛