Post-Valentine post

Time goes by so fast and I really feel very left behind. So many things cram up my schedule; I don’t know what to think anymore. Valentine’s day was simple — so many restrictions made it somehow that way. With all those planning that fell apart, I just want to tell my baby I’m so sorry. Engineering Week kept me busy with projects. And — my most hated part — minor subjects kept making me feel they’re so important.

Here’s almost everything:

  1. I have to finish an acceptance speech for Eng 107A for tomorrow — memorized and complementary to one of my classmate’s presentation speech that have arrived in my inbox just about now.
  2. I have to research and draft a concept paper about Mga Epekto ng mga Pelikulang Sci-Fi sa mga Hinaharap na Pagbabago sa Intelektwal na Aspeto ng mga Manonood for Fil 2 for Saturday.
  3. I have to pass my Masterpiece for Phl 5 for Tuesday.
  4. I have to pass two Final Laboratory Reports for Phys 205L for Wednesday; and
  5. I have to wake up so early on Sunday to run and “donate” money for CWTS‘s Run for Humanity.

Yes, that’s too many. Err … At least for me.

Ok, I actually had in mind a lot of things to talk about. But, I’m afraid my mind is jumbled up again right now. I think I have to start on that speech already. Until the next update. Wish me luck on everything, thanks! 🙂

BTW, I have made my JoHari Window just for fun. Anyone of you who’s got nothing to do unlike me: Please, fill it out. Thank you!


16 responses to “Post-Valentine post”

  1. kaya mo yan! aja! hehehe!

  2. Ehehe … Salamat, Ate! Grabe, nagkausog-usog na naman mga deadline dahil sa Engineering Week, tinamaan na naman tuloy ako ng katamaran! 😛

  3. OMG. That’s too much work. Haha. Parang ayoko na magECE ah. ;p Yung sa Fil2. Anlalim. Nalulula ako sa pagkatagalog nya. I swear. Hehe. Goodluck! Kaya mo yan. ;}

  4. I don’t actually mind major subjects making us do much schoolwork, but those are from minor subjects not only ECE students would take up — it really wouldn’t matter if you avoid ECE just because of that. 😛

    BTW, that title of the Fil 2 concept paper was actually thought up by me. Our teacher rejected so many of our thesis statements, which she said should be very specific. I didn’t know until I’ve passed it that what I’ve written was a hard one to research about. 😆

  5. In that case, I’m not going to study anymore. Hahaha. 😛

    Tsk tsk. Pahirap kang kaklase. May magwewelga na sa inyo nian. WE HATE AJA! WE HATE AJA! 😛 haha. jk. ;}

  6. Dalawa lang naman kaming magkasama sa concept paper na ‘yon eh. Dean’s Lister pa yung partner ko kaya, kayang kaya niya yan! Ehehe … 😆

  7. Mga Epekto ng mga Pelikulang Sci-Fi sa mga Hinaharap na Pagbabago sa Intelektwal na Aspeto ng mga Manonood

    Naiintindihan ko yung mga words kapag hiwa-hiwalay. Pero pag pinagsama-sama na, tulad nito, napanganga na lang talaga ako.


  8. Ehehe … Exaggerated naman yang comment mo, kaya mo yan! Talino ka naman eh!

    BTW, news update lang: Nakapagpasa naman kami ng konseptong papel sa oras kaso 6 pages lang. Malamang isoli samin ‘yun at padagdagan! Ehehe … 😛

  9. concept paper, kailangan more than 6 pages? waaaaaahhhh! sobra naman un!

  10. 10-12 pages daw dapat yung draft. Did I mention double spacing? O sobra parin kahit ganun?

  11. pwede na rin kung double spaced… pero kasi concept paper e! baka magkaiba tayo ng meaning ng “concept”. hehehe!

  12. Oh … Maybe you can explain what you mean by “concept”. 🙂

  13. concept=meaning. sa concept paper, parang ie-elaborate mo lang ung meaning ng isang term.

    feeling ko, iba talaga yang sa inyo…

  14. I guess iba nga. Sa’min kasi parang thesis, or as some other sections say, baby thesis. I think that’s a more accurate description for what I am doing, right? Prof ko lang naman kasi nagsabi na concept paper ang gagawin namin. 😛

  15. bakit kasi sci-fi pa? haha. konti lang kasi resources for that. punta ka sa 2nd fLoor ng UP Library. haha. maraming journaLs dun. kaso nakapiLi ka na nga ng topic, so no use. wahaha. pagpasensyahan na. masyado Lang akong naadik sa Lib namin for that past few days. 🙂

    nung 1st year HS may baby thesis na kami. :)) kamusta naman dun.. :p

  16. malay ko bang mahirap, eh sci-fi ang hilig ko eh … ehehe … anyway, nung 4th year naman may thesis din kami, kaso nga lang, kasama ako sa tatlong na-exempt sa paggawa nun. 😀