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My fixed desktop PC Whew! My desktop PC had just got through from a major overhaul. A couple of months ago, my desktop occasionally hangs even before Windows finish starting up and that incident became worse every day. I was just happy I have a notebook on which I can continue school work and Web work. We brought my dead PC to my uncle, but even after replacing the memory modules and the processor, it still was a wreck. That was when we concluded that the motherboard was the problem. It was now replaced with a new one that includes a whole lot of new features — more USB 2.0 ports, an on-board LAN, support for AGP 8X, and 400-Mhz DIMM slots — I was glad. 😀

Gawd, I’ve written that [paragraph above] about a week ago. But since I haven’t got all the time in the world, I was not able to finish, especially with all my school work that was nearing their deadlines and finals week that was coming. Now everything that I haven’t been able to write earlier just faded into [my] memory that I am not able to put into words anymore.

I so hate it when that happens. A Gift from My Princess Good thing my baby gave me this cute little stuffed toy: a tiny fat pig. Oh, you see our resemblance? 😆 Ehehe … I love you, princess! 🙂

Well, everything has been fine with me unless of course I try to think about my Phys 205 grade, which I have a very bad hunch about. I really hope I’m ready to know what it really is come this Friday. Oh, please wish me all the luck I need …

Err … I just can’t seem to forget that this entry was a frustrated post. I really hope it won’t happen again. I’m really not so worried about ruining my story, it’s just that I’ve realized I have ruined memory. Oh stop it. I’m not getting that old. 😆

Now I am thinking: Maybe those wrecked motherboard and slow memory modules that were on my PC caused my memory to leak, too. Waaa!

OK. I’ll stop now.


10 responses to “Frustrated Entry”

  1. [quote post=”18″]Oh, you see our resemblance?[/quote]

    yes! kamukha mo nga talaga! hehehe! ;D

  2. Nyahaha! Ayus lang, ako naman mismo nagsabi eh! LOL

  3. saya naman, upgraded ang pc nyo… i’m still using an ancient motherboard, kaya di na upgradeable ang RAM ko, nasa maximum na, at 256mb lang ang maximum nya. gusto ko na rin ng bagong motherboard, or better yet, a new pc. 😀

    btw, you have a really cool layout! galing!

  4. Ehehe … Sobra naman po yata ang ancient!

    Salamat nga po pala sa magandang comment! 🙂

  5. (speaking with a Scottish accent) you’re welcome, lad. 😀

    btw, medyo ancient na ‘to for a P4 pc, unang labas kasi ng P4 nung bumili kami, at lumang motherboard pa nga kasama nya.

  6. Ahh … Still it’s P4. Maybe you just need a cleanup or a reformat, especially if you haven’t done anything like that in months. 🙂

  7. actually, haven’t done that in a year. hehe…:D nasira yung luma kong hard drive e, naluma sya at di na ma-read. (siguro ganun din nangyari sa host site mo) so far, yun pa lang ata ang major upgrade na ginawa sa pc na ‘to.

  8. If that’s the case, you really need to cleanup or better yet, reformat. My PC slows down big time even if it has been just a couple of months since its latest formatting. 😛

  9. The long wait is finally over

    A post of fortunately’s — lots of it. Extra: Why does this site look so dull?

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