Those Little Interconnected Things

Ok. Now I’ve had my six days of fame.[1] Better get back to the regular blogging programming and routine. ๐Ÿ˜› But, let me ask you first: How does a Web event, an impending increase in domain name prices, browser incompatibilities, and advertising limitations result to me having to think of making a new WordPress theme for my site?

During the time before the 2nd CSS Naked Day, I decided to make a plugin for WordPress that would strip every piece of stylesheet information from a Web page. It was somehow successful given that I was only receiving 50–100 unique visitors a day prior to the creation of that plugin, which in turn made my statistics plugin jump to receiving 200–300 unique visitors a day. In addition to the plugin, Dustin‘s pun resulted to a lot more SERP referrals. More visitors equal higher rankings; my Alexa rank turned from above 3 Million to just above 700 thousand in 10 days.

Since Text Link Ads consider Alexa as one basis for accepting ad publishers, I thought it would be better for me. And with the impending increase in .com domain name prices, I’m starting to think I really need the money. But, still, I haven’t had ad placements since I’ve reinstalled TLA on my theme,[2] so I think it would be better to go back to [or at least serve it at the same time with] Google AdSense which I have used even before TLA. I was just frustrated that AdSense won’t serve XML-compatible scripts or at least a <noscript> fallback for those who don’t want to or cannot display scripts of document.write nature.

Since it’s equally hard to modify a theme to contain ad spaces than to make one from scratch, I thought it was better to move to a Version 4 for the site. And because WordPress have deprecated some functions since 2.1, and WordPress 2.2 is just around the corner, I think I’m better off making a new one.

I then thought of the need to create a theme served only with Content-Type: text/html, since Windows Internet Explorer 7 also has no intention of accepting true XHTML. But, I’m having doubts of doing so since I’ve been a fan of XML rules[3] imposed on HTML since the time I’ve learned them. I’ve also read articles on how to use AdSense with true XHTML pages.[4] So, I would most probably stick to my current content negotiation scheme.

I’ve actually started making a template with a Web 2.0-ish theme a week ago based on some tutorials I found on the Web. Although, upon showing it to Shari, she told me it was a bit too bright. So, I guess it would have to be redesigned since I don’t want my handful of regular readers straining their eyes, and to be looking at [or rather getting distracted by] the design more than they do at the content of my articles.

So, I guess you just have to wait for the next version of this site. I am finally going to a pool to swim tomorrow, so don’t expect it to be that soon. *excited* ๐Ÿ˜›


  1. ^ April 1–6 recorded ~2500 hits from human visitors only—more than half of what each previous month’s worth of page views even without Bad Behavior blocking robots.
  2. ^ Maybe because of the irrelevant keywords? IDK. I just hope not.
  3. ^ Must be well-formed, lowercase, etc. Therefore, cleaner and more readable.
  4. ^ One from Keystone Websites, and another from CSSplay thanks to Sir Regnard.


8 responses to “Those Little Interconnected Things”

  1. naks! papalit ng layout. idamay mo nga ako. haha ๐Ÿ˜€ ala nakong mahanap na mod na matino, tapos tamad ako gumawa from scracth. na-frustrate ako magphotoshop eh. haha. gudluk!

  2. Hi Aja, it’s my first time to post a comment here although I’ve been coming in and out of your site for some time now. I’m in anticipation for that new theme, best of luck with that project.

    Anyway, that thing about true XHTML has been bugging me too. And I just want to put that here just to let you know that you’re not alone in your frustration. Hehehe!

    Cheers! And have a good weekend.

  3. @arvin:

    I don’t like doing stuff in Photoshop as well. It always eats me alive. LOL! I know I have good things up my mind, I just can’t execute well.


    Thanks for delurking, and for sharing the same frustration as well!

  4. james kingsted Avatar
    james kingsted

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now. I really like how your setup looks if you think you can make it better I say go for it. that’s great that your alexa rank went up that much. I look forward to seeing your new template!

  5. shocks. wala na talaga ako alam sa WordPress. well webdesigning in general. O_O. look who’s left behind now? HAHA ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. I bet you still have some WordPress in you. Besides, you have had an experience using it. It won’t be hard to relearn it. Trust me. Oh, and I would gladly help, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. I’ve always thought of making a Web 2.0 theme. But I guess it’s kind of not me. XP

  8. elmerfrench Avatar

    can ia ask if there is a new releaqse box about AJAX scripts i just want to learn more about this language… if there is non please send me a URL or any web address for AJAX newbie user^_^