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Lexie had me tag myself for showing off her simple, albeit funny, desktop. I really want to do the meme, though I had a little difficulty picking which one out of four systems (or maybe every one) I use I should show, and from which systems I’d pick five of my favorite applications. I eventually decided to go exclusively for the best one (system).

The meme goes like this: Post a screen shot of your desktop, and list five of your favorite applications.

And, so, here’s my desktop:

My Ubuntu Desktop

The top five applications I currently can’t live without include:

  1. Mozilla Firefox: the best and most extensible Web browser there is. It even runs fast on Linux. Though Linux has inherent security features, the security Firefox gave me when I was still on Windows gave me more peace of mind while browsing the Web.

    Addons: ColorZilla, Download Statusbar, Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer, FxIF, Organize Status Bar, Screen grab!, SearchStatus, ShowIP, Web Developer

  2. GNOME Terminal: a command line interface for Ubuntu, which I use for almost anything not readily available on a GUI.

    Separate apps I run on terminal: SVN, GNU nano

  3. Rhythmbox: Ubuntu’s default music player. This app isn’t really full-featured, IMO. It lacks an equalizer and configurable global hotkeys,[1] among others. But, its readily available plugins that include a very good iPod support, and scrobbling makes up for everything. Notably, iPods’ music content could be read and played without syncing.[2] And, it has LIRC support I am hoping to try someday.

    Plugins:, iPod, Cover art

  4. Gaim (now Pidgin): a multi-protocol instant messenger. I usually like official IM clients more, but since I use the Yahoo! Messenger service the most often, and the official YM client for UN*X systems became abandonware,[3] and I use Google Talk as well, I opted for the default IM client on Ubuntu. Besides, Psychic Mode is bloody cool.

    Plugins: Buddy State Notification, Message Notification, Message Timestamp Formats, Psychic Mode

  5. µTorrent (with WebUI beta): OK, I cheated as this application runs on my Windows desktop. But, thanks to µTorrent’s very innovative WebUI, I could control it from my Ubuntu notebook as well. I could have used Wine (hat tip to my classmate Luis), but my high-capacity disk is on my desktop anyway.

Now, there’s some link love you don’t see here everyday. I tag everyone reading this who has a knack for showing off something. ๐Ÿ˜›


  1. ^ for non-multimedia keyboards; Good thing I have multimedia playback keys on my notebook.
  2. ^ I sync with the official iTunes client on my Windows with the big hard drive, and I haven’t tried syncing on Ubuntu yet—or tried checking if it is at least possible.
  3. ^ Latest release for UN*X systems is version 1.0.4 dated September 2003, while the latest Windows release is version dated 29 August 2007.


6 responses to “Show Off Your Desktop”

  1. Installed colorzilla and fxif I like it ๐Ÿ™‚

    you may also like:

  2. Thanks for the suggestions. But, if I may say so, XRAY is a bookmarklet. It works on any browser that supports its JavaScript functions. Nevertheless, its looks very useful.

    I’m actually planning to showcase my bookmarklets, but I still think I don’t have enough of them to show. Maybe when I accumulated or made a little bit more. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. “Mozilla Firefox: the best and most extensible Web browser there is.”
    yes it is! XD Mine uses THE SIMPSONS MOVIE theme.. my buttons are made of doughnuts! hehe! just wanted to share that .. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Neneborgs Avatar

    Have you tried Amarok? I find it better than Rhythmbox, built-in support, syncs with iPod too! And has an album art manager.:) Nice post!

  5. I have actually used Amarok since Edgy. (I still have no iPod then.) I was just too lazy to install it when I’ve switched to Feisty since I’ve discovered Rhythmbox has built-in support for iPod and AAC. Now that I’ve set up Gutsy, I immediately installed it again, along with the required codecs, and I think I will keep using it unless there’s something much better that comes out. Thanks!

  6. Try using deluge-torrent. Works pretty well ๐Ÿ™‚