Category: Experiences

  • Capturing Moments

    The seminar I attended taught me how to maximize all the features of a digital camera. I didn’t take notes but I took some photos … and here they are …

  • Ignition Afterparty

    Last Sunday night, the UST Engineering Student Council held an acquaintance party entitled Ignition: A Blast to 100!

  • ABS-CBN should timestamp their news

    For those students who want to have a little break off from school: If you’ve read a news from the ABS-CBN News Website and followed it, you’d be marked absent tomorrow.

  • Annoying People

    We know for sure that we couldn’t always get what we want. What’s more irritating about it is that some people are born just to hinder us even from the simple things we crave in life. Yes, we could do something to stop them. But, what if chance made us let the annoying person do what he was born to?

  • 3-day Seminar at Cardona, Rizal

    A great experience away from home and school, lots have been learned from leadership to teamwork—including one talent I didn’t know I had.