Category: Opinion

  • Not Worth the Ticket

    Pacquiao finished the match in three rounds. I’m starting to feel another wave of celebration waiting for his coming back home. But, I wouldn’t even consider him a hero. Will there be a Pacman day? Will all of this be worth it? Yes, he gives pride and unity to Filipinos. But much later after this…

  • The Second Browser War Round 2

    Though Windows Internet Explorer 7 came out earlier than Mozilla Firefox 2 for about a couple of weeks, I could not help but to announce that my favorite Web browser just released its second major update. Read more for a comparison of the most popular Windows-based Web browsers.

  • Mixed nuts

    Mixed thoughts, mixed ideas. Share yours. The more, the merrier. 😛

  • Getting ready for Valentine’s

    Sweetness, thoughtfulness and creativity … Please … Come to me now. 😀

  • A Role Model

    He does bad things for a good cause — not precisely a role model but works for me. 🙂