Buying the Competitor


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I first saw it with Adobe Systems‘ acquisition of Macromedia last year—i.e., buying Adobe SVG‘s competitor, Macromedia Flash, for one. Now the news is with Google Inc.

I’ve just read in a press release from the YouTube Web site that the search giant would be buying them for $1.65 Billion in stock. But isn’t that Google Video‘s competitor? I really do not understand these companies making such actions, but still, with the proper explanation in the said press release, I think the merge could be beneficial to the users of the more popular YouTube.

YouTube fans need not worry about this as they said that the YouTube team would still operate independently to preserve its brand and community.

The complete press release is posted in the following Web pages:

Note: Both pages contain the same content/press release.

Now if only I could solve my connection problem with Google Web sites. [Yes, this is a different matter—completely unrelated to the news.] I could surf most sites but not Google and its sub-sites [Calendar, GMail] from time to time. I’ve checked my router and modem already, I just hope this is an ISP matter that is going to be fixed very soon as I don’t have time for fixing right now. Hmmm … I think I better study for the finals now. 😛


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  1. Strategy. Kill the enemy, haha. ^_^

    Tsk, hanggang ngayon? Ako naman ang pahirapan ay ang pag-post ng entries (lalo na sa web site ko). Hanggang ngayon hindi ako makapag-blog. Ka-badtrip! 🙁

    Good luck sa finals.

  2. But they claim they wouldn’t kill the enemy and instead, they’d help them.

    I could load Google pages now but Yahoo! pages [Groups, Flickr] are now the ones being problematic. (aside from other Web sites that I don’t usually visit) Now I really think the ISP‘s the cause of the problem. I think this started from the Bagyong Milenyo week though I wasn’t so bothered back then thinking it would really be temporary.

    Down [possibly stolen] phone lines = Problematic connectivity

    Sounds like a reasonable hypothesis, isn’t it?

  3. What better way to kill and “help” the enemy than to acquire it, right? They no longer have a major competition in the video business, although that’s a bit debatable becayse I’ve always thought competitions are good.

    Have you seen Y!Mail Beta? Cheapaks, kainis. Ang bagal, sobra.

    Reasonable indeed. Maybe you should report the problem now to your ISP.

  4. [quote comment=”4770″]Have you seen Y!Mail Beta? Cheapaks, kainis. Ang bagal, sobra.[/quote]

    Yes, I know. I even commented about it on Jhay Rocas‘ entry. Major slowdown on browser performance. *sucks*