Internet Connection Problem Resolved?

I would have blogged the buggy Internet connection I was experiencing since December 26 after I heard from my father news about the Taiwan earthquake that damaged undersea communication lines, but it was all over the Philippine Blogosphere with news from Jhay, Yuga, et al. that I decided to stay quiet instead—its no use blogging the same entry all over again.

The early times during the lowered bandwidth period, I ,as well as my friend Jayson, noticed that we could still connect to our ISP, but it cannot resolve host names. I immediately turned my PC on and searched my browsing history for IP addresses. Alas! I found a Google cache URI of my site where Google used its IP address instead of its domain name. Great Google! Since it is a search engine in itself, I immediately searched for a Google cache of OpenDNS—I could not open its homepage in itself as my ISP currently could not resolve its domain name to the IP address—thus a cache is more than sufficient. My [and Jayson’s] DNS issues are resolved.

Though I sometimes experience the reduced bandwidth and intermittent disconnections, I guess it’s still enough to say that it could have gotten worse than that, and I still feel somehow satisfied. But after reading Euri’s recent rant about crappy Internet connections from a café, I decided to test my own connection.

Results from

I was shocked with the results considering I was downloading bittorrent files at 30-40 kBps, I’m on PLDT‘s slowest myDSL, plan 999, and test results from prior to this one never reached 400 kbps! I even tried the Speakeasy Speed Test but got these lower but similar results from its Seattle, WA server:

Last Result:
Download Speed: 502 kbps (62.8 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 114 kbps (14.3 KB/sec transfer rate)

I really can’t tell whether or not I am the only one experiencing this, but I know the intermittent connections would likely last for several weeks. Was it really resolved so fast this time?


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  1. Many people don’t really understand why the Taiwan earthquake should affect internet connections in the country. I have nothing to rant about it because I’m on dial-up. (I know, how insensitive of moi.)

    Baka yung sa case mo, na-resolve na agad. Bumilis yung connection mo kasi walang masyadong nag-i-internet ngayon, hehe =)

  2. I have no rants what so ever regarding the Taiwan Earthquake, simply because I wasn’t affected by it. In my opinion, PLDT is really bad. But Smart Wifi/Bro (my current ISP) sucks big time. X-P

  3. Maybe I should stop using OpenDNS to see if Globelines has already resolved their broadband unpreparedness. It’s still crappy for now, but I’m sure things will go back to normal soon. We just have to be a little more patient.

  4. I have just tested again and it’s noontime—a not so off-peak hour—but now without any concurrent downloads. It clocks at 775 kbps. Here’s the proof:

    Results from

    So, Shari, I guess it wasn’t because no one else is using the connections that’s why I got all of them bandwidth.

    It’s really puzzling.

  5. @jhay – open DNS or not, our connection sucks bigtime. Destiny and Globe use a single pipe. :~(

  6. I see… I see… But even still, PLDT is much much better than Smart Wifi/Bro. Dang.

  7. It was just a stupid theory. ^_^

  8. Many of my friends were complaining as well because of the terrible internet connection. It’s one of those days when I realize how lucky I am for living in the province (I wasn’t affected by the Taiwan earthquake at all).

  9. I was observing my connection for the past week after posting this entry. I noticed there were major slowdowns on browsing Web sites and Yahoo! Messenger logins especially during 2100-2300 hours. Maybe Shari’s right that my connection just got fast because no one else is pushy enough to still try to surf even though the connection is slow. Nevertheless, I still wonder why it got as fast as 775 kbps—a speed I never expected to have reached then, and most especially now after the dreaded Taiwan calamity.

  10. nde ata ako naapektuhan nito. haha

  11. JannLee Avatar

    ba’t ang bagal ng downloads ng torrents bigla sa Globelines Broadband? dati at least 50-60KBps dl speeds pero now ang pinakamax ay 6KBps nlng amf and napansin ko to since november pa. are they limiting speeds on torrents as anti-piracy measure? damn season 6 pa naman ng 24 na!!!!!

  12. JannLee Avatar

    just to add di lng pala sa Globelines Broadband ko to napansin pati din pala sa Smart Wifi ng mga friends ko, bagal ng dl speeds ng torrents.

  13. I really do not know, JannLee. I’m on PLDT MyDSL, but I reached speeds of 140 kiB/s just hours ago.

  14. Nakakalito layout mo hehehe lol. di ko kasi alam san mag comment nung una, pero hahaha kami di naapektuhan ang internet connection namin kasi i didn’t notice some slow of connection naman hehehe

  15. I found another cafe, slower than that of the previews one in my entry. At this time, gasgas na ang Taiwan earthquake excuse. >.<

  16. Yeah. Ang bilis nga ng next update eh. Ka-update ko lang. *lol* Under development na daw yug 2.1 right?

  17. Ahaha, Aja. Sorry. Just had to laugh. *Someone* just made a pretty stupid comment. Sorry, sorry. She’s an online buddy, but maybe she’s not used to professionally-done designs? :p

  18. Oh, broken Internet connection – that must’ve sucked.

    I don’t know what’d I do – that’d totally affect my work as my work (and how I conduct it) is totally dependent on me being connected. I work at home as a software tester / consultant. I get all my project parameters communicated to me via Internet / online video conferencing.

    That would totally suck for me.

  19. Really nice posts. I will be checking back here regularly.