A Bloody Good Souvenir

So many weeks have passed and I haven’t been able to update my blog. School work and social activities, I think, somehow hindered me to do so. Another thing was my host’s hardware failure erasing most of my readers’ comments, which I happen to treasure more than my articles themselves. Most of all, I really had been pressuring myself to write really good articles especially for a grand re-entrance to the blogosphere, which I sadly figured I can’t — that’s too much for my skills. I’m just going to write this like I haven’t been gone. Please bear with me. 🙂

An inch-long skin-peel I have been on a really tight schedule now that I have school for six days a week. NSTP CWTS took my Monday vacation for its weekly activities. I really have been enjoying digging and leveling soil, and moving 50-kg concrete blocks during our off-campus activities. What I didn’t like was the fact the I had to ride 6-7 different public transportation routes and/or vehicles just to get there. This was the off-campus activities’ last day. Fortunately, I’ve had a souvenir. 😆

It didn’t hurt so much, I’ve just peeled my skin off for about an inch long. I just hope it wouldn’t cause infections. That photo was taken about 12 hours after the incident with the iron pick; the wound applied with an ointment. I wish I had taken photo sooner that it would look more bloody fresh and gross. *haha* 😛

Preliminary exams week has just passed making me more comfortable to write something again. Hopefully, this would go on and on again.

A lot has changed about me this new year — more fat, less computer. I’m beginning to hate myself! 😆


6 responses to “A Bloody Good Souvenir”

  1. gross nga.. :))

  2. Haha… Maybe I’d post an updated photo. It’s now dry so you’d really see the wound! Only, it’s less gross. 😆

  3. Oi buti naman nagpost ka na ng bagong entry. Ang cool naman ng sugat mo.

    more fat >> aba, gusto kong makita yan. hehehe.

  4. Ehehe… Thanks! Wait… ‘Di ba sarcastic yang sinabi mong cool? 😀

  5. tabachongchong! taba mo na! ako rin pala! hehehe!

    ewwiness ung sugat mo… buti na lang hindi mo nakuhanan ng picture kaagad…

  6. Hmmm … Mia said it’s cool. Don’t you really want to see it? I think my CWTS classmate may have taken a photograph of it. Ehehe … 😆