Ignition Afterparty

Last Sunday night, the UST Engineering Student Council held an acquaintance party entitled Ignition: A Blast to 100! The party featured dance numbers from the Engineering Dance Troupe, the ESC Executive Board, the organization presidents and the ESC Adviser, Sir Butch Carbonell. Other performers include the Engineering One Voice, a comedian-slash-comedienne, and popular local bands such as Sugarfree and Urbandub, among others.

ESC Web and Technical Committee Being one of the organizers of the party, I became tired even just midway through the night as I was stationed at the second level of the venue for the control of the technical stuff such as presentation shows, and lights and sounds. My feet almost killed me running up and down the stairs just to make sure everything goes according to plan. I even did some spontaneous non-technical stuff such as carrying food from the parking lot outside to the backstage inside for other staff and for the bands.

Nonetheless, there were benefits of being an organizer as well. [even though the huge number of people squeezing their way from point A to point B did make steps worse] For one, I have accessed the backstage for some photographs and autographs from Ebe of Sugarfree and Urbandub. Here's my Organizer ID signed by Ebe. And, I was spared of my 200 bucks for a ticket to the party.

My so-called afterparty was not that good though. The one supposed to drop me off at my house was picked up by his parents, ergo no car to drive on his own. I couldn’t commute alone at midnight for about 2 hours feeling tired and sleepy—I’d wake up naked in the middle of nowhere then. Good thing Kuya Bert let me stay at his and his friends’ apartment for the night. But before that happened, of course we couldn’t leave the head organizer of the party alone in the dark waiting for his ride to pick him and his stuff up, so we waited … and waited … and waited until the ride came at about 2:30 in the morning. And we arrived about 3 o’clock at Kuya Bert’s apartment. ‘Twas the first time I’ve slept at a friend’s house—I didn’t even have clothes to change to for the next morning. But still, sleep was so great and I woke up being able to feel my legs.

I still haven’t collected all the photos I was in from my friends, so just watch out for updates on my Flickr album. [I didn’t want to be a theif’s eye candy bringing my digital camera with me when I will just be riding public transportation to go to the party more than 20 kilometers away from my home.] So, I just borrowed from whoever brought one. 🙂

Update (1 September 2006) : View all photos on my Flickr Ignition set.


2 responses to “Ignition Afterparty”

  1. Sounds tiring, and I’m sure was. :p I remember tuloy when I was a PA in one of TABAK‘s major production, hassle at haggard. Boo, lol.

    Anyways, like I’ve mentioned a while ago, glad you’ve survived it (and I mean you’ve never been raped, thanks to your Kuya Bert haha). 😀

  2. astig naman may backstage passes! aba dapat lang yun nuh! kapagod yun eh! chaca malamang dapat libre tix. haha! cool! grabeh miss ko na uste sobra.. huhuhu… ibang iba talaga.

    haba na ng hair mu! last time i saw you super short pa nun. 😛 miss ko na! hehehe