Musing #0005

Why do minor subject professors (i.e., those teaching English to students taking up an engineering program) think they’re teaching major ones trying to make students give up all their time just to pass their bloody requirements? And, they don’t even teach, they just rail to whoever they want to raise their know-it-all ego, and assume their students look up to them as wise and knowledgeable persons.





3 responses to “Musing #0005”

  1. Marj Avatar

    Unga! kafeelingan ever ng mga prof na yan. feeling major subjects. feeling sila lang ung class natin. feeling magaling. arrgh! asar. tapos kung mambagsak, wah kaasar talaga! hahahay! >_

  2. Marj Avatar

    oh well. kahit anung gawin natin anjan pa rin sila. para mang-asar sating mga estudyante. hahaha! pagbigyan na. malapit na rin magretire ang mga yan. hahaha! ^_^

  3. katrina Avatar

    i know this is a late rep. haha. onga. pangaasar ang mga minor profs.hehe