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Globe Telecom has raised the UNLIMITXT service charges they require of their subscribers since today. From PHP 10[1] to PHP 20 per day, the rebranded service UNLITXT with the doubled rates frustrated a lot of subscribers given the fact that they weren’t warned even a couple of days before the implementation of such scheme.

I was one of those frustrated, surprised customers.

My girlfriend and I have always been registering for the service at almost the same time. Yesterday was the end of our five-day registration last time. Since it was almost midnight, we put off registering for another five days to today. But when we did register during noontime earlier, we were surprised to have received a different response from the service. It wasn’t the type that postpones the registration for later because of server overload. The message so long it could not be contained in a single message looked like the spam they always send us. But, I read it anyway….

They’ve changed a lot about their service—from UNLIMITXT to just UNLITXT; from 50 Pesos for five days to 80 for just four. And, they added time-based unlimited texting packages such as UNLITXTD or UNLITXTN corresponding to day and night, respectively.

Now, who the hell is so trustworthy enough that just pops out without warning and tells you to pay more than what you used to? No one. Even Globe shouldn’t be an exception.

People thought they received just rumors about Globe’s increased rates. But, they weren’t rumors as I told my friends. Please take note that many people changed their numbers to Globe since they put their UNLIMITXT promo to a regular service—count me and my girlfriend in. But we’re dusting our old Sun SIM cards for tomorrow since Globe’s shitful of services are robbing us off of our money.

I ask of you to do the same. Not only for two to three weeks just like what’s spreading through SMS—they would just wait that off until people start registering again. We should hold them back until they lower their prices again.

Globe has better signal, thus, better service than Sun. That doesn’t mean they should increase their pricing so surprisingly exorbitant—their prices weren’t even at par with Sun in the first place. Why can’t they keep their prices where they were? I know they know its easier to get a lot more customers with better pricing. But, now that they did with the former prices of their service, they shouldn’t think we’d stay with them now that they increased them so suddenly.

Now, if you feel the same way, please let people know by posting similar entries to your blogs and commenting on each other’s posts. Petitions could go a long way as long as there are lots of support and publicity.

Update: I have finally found a petition site for the rollback of Globe’s UNLIMITXT rates. Sign the petition to roll back Globe UNLIMITXT pricing!


  1. ^ with the five-day plan worth PHP 50


19 responses to “An Appeal to Globe Subscribers”

  1. Agreed. Now I wish I had not disposed of my Sun sim card. From PhP50 to PhP80? God. Bastards. If they don’t lower the prices, I probably won’t use my cellphone… ever.

  2. hehe 1 lng solusyon dyan.. mgsun kayo bwahaha

  3. start a petition aja, i’ll sign it and have a couple of other people who would too ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hindi na tayo nasanay sa Globe, ganyan talaga ang mga iyan. They will introduce a service, let the consumers get used and be addicted to it, then they will raise the prices.

    Parang Opium Wars lang iyan, history repeats itself.

  5. Tralalala…Mababawasan na ang mga niloloko ko sa text. Pinalitan ko pa naman yung mobile phone na ginagamit ko dun kasi mas madalas ko na siya gamitin kesa sa Sun ko. I never shelved my Sun kasi masyadong napamahal sa akin, mas mura pa rin kesa sa Globe kahit walang signal dito sa baba ng bahay. Kahit mahal na yung Sun, at least reputation na nila ang unlimited texting (although I tell you, may limits ang “unlimited” nila). Sayang ang Globe. Sana matauhan. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. ay nako ha. nastress talaga ako dyan sa globe na yan. ang kakapal. ugh.

  7. tristan Avatar

    hay nakuh.. bwict talga yang globe… mag touch mobile nlang kme.. dati naksun kme pero sadly pag lubog na ang araw la nareng kwenta ang sun.. hehe

  8. true. i switched to my smart sim today, it’s just been a week on using my globe sim ๐Ÿ™ sadness… i really liked the globe services though, i just hope they’d switch it back.

  9. I’ve talked to a friend who works for globe hindi na daw kaya imaintain ng globe yung unlimitext service nila that’s why the increase…

    but the issue is they should’ve informed the users first before the increase rates were given… plus I think I agree that thats the way Globe works, they think they can just push people around by increaseing the rates then let the ppl get used to it. I also told my friend na madami ang lilipat sa other services and he told me hindi daw kasi mas mahal pa rin sa smart, told him there’s sun and then he had second thoughts

    I think it would be better not to push a petition but rather just get the hell out of Globe. I think it serves them right if people just transfrer to other services, better more sa Sun. If they would continue to do things this way I want to say that screw them.

  10. Thanks for the link, Aja. Have you joined the polls at TXTPower? ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. edlyn caringal Avatar
    edlyn caringal

    BIG NO TO THE NEW UNLIMITED TEXTING OF GLOBE! Hindi sya exciting gaya ng sinasabi nila! Sobra yun!

  12. Thanks for that concerned protest. i’m also a globe subscriber and the idea of implementing a hundred percent increase in their UNLITXT service really pissed me off..what an abuse!! grr.. they must bring the old unlimitxt back!

  13. dennisze omila Avatar
    dennisze omila

    ang gaspang tlga ng globe!!!
    wlng gnyann pare….
    usong uso p nmn din s skul ang globe tpos sby it2as ang unli…….
    pmpbws lng un s baon no!!
    kurakot ang globe!!!
    mgsmart nlng kyo khit ang cheap!!!
    mgtiis tiis!!!

  14. to charls:

    how come they can’t maintain the service? i heard texting doesn’t cost a cent because it’s an add on service to GSM.

  15. Hi! Just popped in. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I can’t believe they raised the prices. I really thought Globe was a reliable service. I guess I was wrong. Now, it’s actually cheaper for me NOT to register. I just hope they don’t start imitating the US services and charge us just for reading text messages. T_T

    Anyway, I signed the petition! ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ll be forwarding this to some of my angry friends too. XD

  16. As to what I’ve heard, it’s not just a petition for rollback, rather, the government (DTI, I think) is demanding that they either return it to the old price for the unlimited text or welcome a case against them. Anyone is free to correct me on this fact, but as far as business and promos are concerned, as long as an event is under the promo period, they are not allowed to increase the price because it’s against the promo contract they agreed upon with the DTI.

  17. epal ang globe! matapos kong lumipat nagmahal! tae!!

  18. ang sama nman ng globe itinaas ang UNLITXT

  19. pwede bang mag register ng unlimitxt kahit naka line ako sa globe?