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My mind is filled with everything I am concerned with right now the only thing left to happen is for it to explode. But, at the same time I could not tell which to write—from my point of view on the future of HTML to my own personal life to the things happening at school. Then, I was tagged by Shari. Since I haven’t got anything concrete to blog, might as well go on with the meme. Now, here are:

Ten weird facts about myself.

  1. I could spend over half a day everyday [literally] reading encyclopedias and fact books or articles.
  2. I love solving logic books, puzzles and games.
  3. I could only sing well—I think—inside a Church with a lot of other people, or in my room alone.
  4. I am not used to wearing anything other than my clothes and a little hair conditioner. (i.e., perfume, facial powder, moisturizer, etc.)
  5. I never liked WYSIWYG editors.
  6. I thought being exposed to bright light could really make anyone sneeze[1] until I’ve read about this condition.
  7. I sometimes practice writing with my left hand.[2] I could, however, do many things at ease using either hand. (i.e., texting, typing, eating, shooting basketballs)
  8. I am a neat freak only outside my own bedroom.
  9. I enjoy being involved in a lot of organizations, but I hate too much red tape.[3]
  10. *place one more weird fact here*[4] ๐Ÿ˜›

I really hope I get out of this blogger’s block soon. *tee-hee*

Hmm … Who would I tag next? I really do not know who reads my entries. Lurkers de-lurk! Alright—Arvin, Andy and Erna—Tag! You’re it!or them?

Oh, this entry could really add to my trivia page—not that it really concerns you. ๐Ÿ˜€


  1. ^ I do sneeze whenever I am exposed to bright light; I thought it was normal
  2. ^ for my mother told me I could when I was little
  3. ^ especially those where my superiors are the ones who cannot agree with each other
  4. ^ maybe it’s time you tell me one weird fact you know about me. ๐Ÿ˜‰


6 responses to “Tagged—I’m It!”

  1. Aja, you lab meee! xD

    Okay, you’re officially weird. I can’t stand reading encyclopedias. Have you ever read the dictionary? :p

    [quote post=”78″]# I am a neat freak only outside my own bedroom.[/quote]

    Haha, same here! My mom always complains that I’m such a neat freak, but my room looks like it’s been run over by a tornado or something. And my precious books are just all over the place! ^_^

    10. Aja’s a genius. Hehe =)

    Yey, now I’m feeling better because you’ve done the tag. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. You look like you’re desperate for some love. Haha! Seriously. You even commented like that on Lexie‘s entry.

    Go find a date! *tee-hee*

  3. weh dinamay pako sa tag! haha blogger’s block! weh!

  4. Fact books are interesting. But I just find encyclopedias boring. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hmm. I write using my left hand, and the play the guitar right-handed. I want to write using my left hand. ๐Ÿ™

  5. OK, so I’m officially weird too then… I read encyclopedias and fact books too… and I also practice with my right hand… but not writing… drawing/painting.

    Same goes with being a neat freak outside of my own bedroom. My house, work and home offices are super clean and organized. Bedroom – a huge mess. The dust underneath my bed are now a lifeform and have developed artificial intelligence.

  6. Dust bunnies practically live in my room, too! Haha!