Gmail for My Domain

Ever since I’ve received my first invite to beta test Gmail, I’ve been using it as my primary email as if it is already a release version of the Webmail client—no major bugs and excellent features. I am glad nothing from it disappoints me.

I then came across a random blog entry that told me Gmail is offered for domain owners as a Webmail client. I’ve signed up to beta test Gmail for your domain on my domain, and now I’m using it instead of forwarding all email to to my original Gmail account.

Gmail for your domain inbox screenshot Here is a screenshot of my Gmail for your domain Inbox.

Management seems easy, creating users and aliases for those users—I currently have two, one as a main user and the other as the catch-all (i.e., catch everything else) user. I haven’t encountered any bugs as of now. And, comparing Gmail for your domain to Gmail, I could only find two differences listed below:

  1. Gmail for your domain doesn’t have the ability to view and display avatars of Gmail contacts—no biggie.
  2. Gmail for your domain only has 2048 MB of storage compared to Gmail’s 2749 MB and growing—2 GB is still enough.

Oh, and you could look at my sign in page—it’s so cool! 😛


5 responses to “Gmail for My Domain”

  1. hello… just blog hopping. 🙂

  2. cool tlga ang gmail. mahal ko na nga siya eh. harhar.

  3. Interesting. I love Gmail, and that feature sounds great. I’m using Windows Live (which hosts emails through Hotmail) to host my hostees’ email accounts. I’ve been wondering if Gmail would release the same feature. Good thing you’ve mentioned it. *runs off to sign up*

  4. I don’t know where to put my response, so I hope you don’t mind if I type it here.

    Sure, a link exchange would be great. I’ve linked you already. Thanks 😀

  5. The only bad thing about this, is there is no way to embed it into your website, so either way your users have to go to another page to check there mail.. i wish i could put it in a frame on the site.