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Firefox 3, codename: Gran Paradiso, is the next generation browser from Mozilla based on the updated Gecko 1.9 layout engine. It includes many implementations of current, new and future standards, and is the first Gecko-based browser to be released to pass the Web Standards Project Acid2 browser test.

I’ve been waiting for this version’s release months ago. But since I haven’t much time understanding code, and trying to help determining bugs and fixes to trunk/development builds, I opted to wait for its more stable beta release. The only problem is that my computer is out of reach during weekdays.[1] Tough luck.

Hmm … since I just had my birthday, I really wish for someone to give me an ASUS Eee PC 8G that I could bring anywhere easily. I’d probably use it as a mobile blogging device and testing platform.

I know, I know—I already have the new shoes, new JavaScript and AJAX book, and new model cars, among others—but, I really want to have the subnotebook.

Anyways, I guess the review of the latest Firefox beta would just come later.[2] Just check out the Mozilla Developer News site for more info about the Firefox 3 beta release and how to download it.


  1. ^ I’m currently using my cousin’s computer to blog this.
  2. ^ Probably this coming weekend or next week.


Thanks to those who greeted me before, during and after my birthday. Here’s some link love (in almost chronological order): Marisse, Mini, Marlon, Tracy, Ate Mayie, Mama, Papa, My Princess, Hershey, Monina, the rest of my classmates, Thea, Bro, Ruiza, Cheng, Peyt, Marj, Shari, Tito Andre and family, Karissa, Dindin, Emilio, Izia, Maple, Auds, Kuya Mike, Ate Lei, Ubuntu Forums, Martha, my uncles, aunts and cousins from QC, Bezy, and Lyka. Tell me if I forgot you, my SIM‘s message memory got wiped out accidentally, and my IM isn’t set to archive messages.


7 responses to “Firefox 3 Gran Paradiso Beta”

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  2. Tsk. I didn’t know that it was your birthday! Gad. Kelan? Belated (?) Happy Birthday!

  3. thnks for the info dude ^_^…

  4. As much as I like to give it a download now, I won’t. I don’t want to risk loosing data again, my previous experience with Beta releases of Firefox were not that happy.

    Still, I’m eager for the full version to come out.

    You just had your birthday? When? Oh well, belated happy birthday. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. auhw?! belated! d q alm nagbday k n pla! hoorah 4 firefox 3 beta! na-download q n, tagal i-release! hmph! XD

  6. Thanks, thanks. It was during the last 15th.

    Jhay, I haven’t experienced data loss on my previous beta installations that’s why I’m confident enough to use them (of course on my own machine). Just lucky to haven’t triggered any bugs, I guess. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. i do hope the full version would come out soon, can’t use most of my add-ons on the beta version! keep me posted when the full version comes out, kay?! ๐Ÿ˜€